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The new Zoomdata Spark DataFrame engine can be used with Zoomdata’s patented data sharpening technology with data in modern stores such as Cloudera Impala, Cloudera Search, Elastic Search, SparkSQL, MongoDB, SolR, Redshift, and Aurora. And due to Zoomdata’s modern HTML5 and touch-first interface, users can explore billions of records in seconds not only through web browsers, but also via mobile smartphone and tablet touch devices. Our innovative technology accelerates time-to-big-data-insight by removing complexities that prevent traditional BI and analytice application users put the power of big data to use. Zoomdata, developers of the world’s fastest big data exploration, visualization and analytics platform, lets business users see and interact with data in all new ways. To see Zoomdata in action, play with one of our interactive demos or request a free trial. By combining SparkIT, data sharpening, and Spark DataFrames, Zoomdata provides the world’s fastest analytical and visualization experience on data sourced from modern big data backends, flat files in S3 and HDFS, as well as slower legacy databases and data warehouses. Then, name your chart, select the Blank chart type, and then Flat File source from earlier. Then it continuously updates the visualization through stream processing of additional micro-query results until the data fully sharpens. Native Source Access: Stream data directly from Cloudera Impala and Search. Our backend is a scalable stream processing system that we branched from the Storm engine to make it more scalable along the dimension that is important for a multi-user data analytics system. More and more Zoomdata customers have discovered the power of its patented Data Sharpening architecture.

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The following text will show Zoomdata open source Alternative. Together, DataFrames and data sharpening allow for data to sharpen in front of a user’s eyes while it is being initially analyzed by a modern big data back-end. Instead of waiting minutes or hours for a query to run to completion, Zoomdata uses unique data sharpening technology to provide an instant approximated sketch of the results. If you work with a big data source, you might be restricted by direct query connections that do not support blending any other dataset – big or small – limiting exploratory analysis. This is Andrew here from the Zoomdata Support team. Collaborate Once a dashboard or visualize has been modified, share the visual or the link to a visual to others on your team. Now, we can link the previously uploaded Chart.js library to our chart. Because Zoomdata has a stream-processing engine at its core, it can also seamlessly analyze real-time as well as historical data. If you are getting errors when trying to use beeline (or said other SQL query tool) and depending on the error thrown, it very well might be some kind of network issue that is preventing the connection from resolving correctly. You may need to configure visibility as well. If you are running Zoomdata through docker, you will need to first make sure to SSH into the docker container itself before you’ll be able to find these log files. Please check that your chart is visible by running zd-chart edit for your chart and picking Visibility when asked. Pick chart.js by moving to it with arrows and pressing Space bar.