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Zabbix offers support for many database systems – including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and IBM DB2 – to store data. Pyora is a clean python script that uses cxOracle library to fetch data from the database. Zabbix API was introduced in Zabbix 1.8 and allows you to create, update and fetch Zabbix objects (like hosts, items, graphs and others) through the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol. The Ceph manager service (ceph-mgr) was introduced in the Kraken release, and in Luminous it has been extended with a number of new python modules. This guide describes how to integrate your Zabbix 1.x or Zabbix 2.x installation with PagerDuty using a Python script. Give the Item a name, preferably something that describes what you are monitoring. Zabbix provides agents to monitor remote hosts as well as Zabbix includes support for monitoring via SNMP, TCP and ICMP checks. Zabbix has the capability to monitor just a about any event on your network from network traffic to how many papers are left in your printer. Network Device discovery and pre-built templates really streamline the process of setting up the software and you’ll be running with minutes, not days. The zabbix-agent service on the monitored server is running. Now open Service Manager, find the Zabbix Agent and start it. Note: This guide has been replaced by a new Zabbix Integration Guide that uses the PagerDuty Agent. Note: ‘A’ must be capital letter otherwise not sign in. Required for SNMP support. One of these is a module exporting overall cluster status and performance to Zabbix.

Alternative to Zabbix

You can see your network’s health status at any time from any machine on the network by opening a Web browser and pointing it to http://yourserver/zabbix/ to invoke the administration console. The software installs as a server instance on any machine, which means that you can access it by entering the address of the respective server and the path where ZABBIX is installed on a web browser. How to change the Zabbix access address for port 10051? I’ve already added ports 10050 and 10051 to FirewallD and SELinux won’t let me add them in a ‘second’ time. 6. Now, let’s add PagerDuty as a media type in Zabbix. Please try following the steps in the new integration guide first, and use this one only if you have a system which the PagerDuty Agent can not be installed on. How do I setup Zabbix to work with multiple PagerDuty services? They work on several servers, but not on this one. In order to use Zabbix, we required a Web Server, database server, and PHP to work. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. All in all, the active mode may have been set in the agent config on several servers, it has never worked. Zabbix allows you to gather a wide range of detailed information regarding CPU, memory, disk space use, active processes, unit temperature, fan speed and much more. StartAgents is set to 0, to force using the active agent.

The error mesage is gone in the log after restarting the agent. Albeit log and reboot monitoring means that one gets an “ERROR” and an “RECOVERY” message instead of one “CHANGED” or “REBOOTED” message. AppsWatch is an application performance monitoring solution which allows users to monitor business applications for Citrix, PeopleSoft, custom apps, and more. In the past I used Zabora to monitor Oracle, but for large environments was a pain to admin and let’s not talk about monitor tons of tablespaces. Install Zabbix agent on the same machine, and config to to talk to the server. You can find Zabbix agent for different OS onZabbix’s Download page. Full hardware and software requirements can be found on the Zabbix requirements page. I’m assuming that you have both installed on your system, if you don’t have it you check this page and install it. I have no idea why as this works normally with other servers. I see no difference between this problematic server and another one that works normally. Both the zabbix server and the monitored server (agent-server) are hosted by Amazon. All zabbix monitored servers are linked to a security group with two inbound rules for port 10050 and 10051 for the zabbix-server IP. I’ve opened port 10051 on the server for the problematic agent IP. I can open a telnet session from the zabbix-server to the agent. Telnet shows that works, from agent to server. I’ve did the same for a working agent, can telnet from agent to server.