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It’s simple enough for anyone to understand, but has nice enough features for pro’s to be using the platform as well. Userlike can easily be customized to match your website’s look and feel, supports multiple operators, and is simple and easy to use. Take a look at the following list of free(mium) tools you can use to unravel the actions and underlying strategies of your competition. Look at Dyn’s former pricing page to see how it’s (not) done. The logic is simple: it’s cheaper. Userlike’s live chat is a SaaS software and can be integrated into any website by copy and pasting your unique code into your site. Userlike’s integration with PipelineDeals gives you the ability to easily create a new lead in PipelineDeals from a web chat and quickly add an activity via chat to an existing person in PipelineDeals. Userlike also provides team management to organize the user’s team in functional groups and also lets the user’s customers choose who to chat with. Our team is the engine behind Userlike. You can chat with a browser chat client from the Userlike dashboard, or from an IM client from your desktop or smartphone. More ways to save on Userlike Live Chat What’s this? Further below we describe the JSON exchange format in more detail and explain how your chatbot (framework) must use it for maintaining state for each chat with your Webvisitors. Even better discounts on Userlike Live Chat may be available in our More Ways to Save section.

So when an employee leaves your company, for example, you can be sure that they no longer have access to your Userlike account, making your setup more secure. Userlike subscribers can pay for their plan using their credit card (Mastercard, Visa, and AmEx), PayPal, or through bank transfer (for 12-month or 24-month subscriptions). At PipelineDeals, we’ve been using live chat for years to speak with visitors about our product. Userlike is a professional live chat system solution that aims to provide live chat functionality to both beginners, and experienced webmasters. Their choice of colors seem to suggest that the company is peaceful, can be trusted, and aims to provide a good product experience. This is quite a good result, as only 35% of websites can load faster. A good application such as Userlike may offer great features but it may not fit your individual business requirements. Live Chat on your website is a great way to engage with contacts and leads about your product or service, and it is a great way to add new leads into your sales pipeline. We wanted to create a great place to work. Easy. An intuitive browser-based chat system that’s a joy to work with. Userlike is one of the top rated live chat plugins across platforms like Capterra, G2Crowd, and Social Compare. Even better – Userlike is offering a 30% lifetime discount for PipelineDeals customers when they use the coupon code pipelinedeals478. If the contact is already in your PipelineDeals account, a new activity will be added to that person’s profile.

To provide you with an optimal overview of your Userlike account, we also added new filter options to the audit log and improved the information flow for adding new Operators. Set up and track goals, see how each operator is performing, and use tag and filters options to efficiently process the requests. When you’re the owner of the account, you now receive a copy of the email with all information on the new Operator. When the Operator successfully validates her identity, she can log into her account as usual. With the new Login verification, your Operators can authorize themselves through an account validation link that gets send to their email address. Userlike developed a quick tutorial to demonstrate how to integrate your PipelineDeals account with Userlike. We’re excited to announce that Userlike, a live chat service for your web site, is now integrated with PipelineDeals. Once you have implemented Userlike on your website and enabled the integration, you can convert any chat, offline message, or chat transcript into a new contact or activity in PipelineDeals. Although you can have an unlimited number of chats for free, you do not have access to any other frills including chat archiving, analytics or integrations. Just like the alibi for issue repetition, since chats are easily documented and transferred to the relevant service rep. After this period you can choose the free plan with space for one operator, 20 chats and unlimited offline messages, or any of the paid plans starting at 29 euros with unlimited access to Userlike features.

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