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Now the required integrations have been setup it’s time to create the actual Android app, I based it on this guide provided by Urban Airship, I’ve posted an example based on this to GitHub. Recently I’ve been trying to create a test Android app using Xamarin that uses push and in-app messaging provided by Urban Airship. Actually testing the app once it’s been created can be a bit of a challange. First thing to set up is Google Firebase, this is a free Google service which can be found here, once logged in head to the console and create a new project. Be the first to review Urban Airship! Although I figured this would be pretty simple it turned out to be more trickey than I first thought, probably due to both my own lack of skill and a paucity of documentation. SMS ” or text messaging, as we commonly refer to it ” is a communication channel that people use to interact with each other, much more so than phone calls and many other communication methods. This id is what we will use as the TO address for your push notifications. Note that by default the push notifications are silent. These messages are delivered and read by the user right away. Push messages don’t seem to work (but in-app messages do) with a web view app but work fine when createing a Visual Studio project from the Single-View App template, not sure why this is but it’s possibly a Xamarin bug.

In-app messages don’t show up if the app is open, only if it is minimised/closed and then reopened, this is possibly down to the messaging settings I’m using in Urban Airship but I haven’t found a way around it yet. Go to the app settings and the Cloud Messaging tab and note down the Server Key and the Sender ID as these will be needed later. What you’ll need is your Application Key and Master Secret ” as we mentioned, you can get these on app settings page under the APIs & Integrations section in your Urban Airship app. A great example of this is Starbucks’ Pick of the Week ” a special offer such as a free app or free music ” delivered to their message center every Tuesday. It can also be very effective to have an automated welcome series in your app message center as part of your onboarding process. Two hours after download, its users receive a push notification deep linked to its message center welcoming them to the app. Brent Hieggelke, whose three-year tenure as CMO helped Urban Airship become the market and mind share leader in mobile app engagement, is now the company’s chief mobile evangelist. Erin Hintz brings a wealth of enterprise, SMB and consumer marketing experience to Urban Airship, where as CMO she will be responsible for the company’s market growth strategy, demand-generation, communications and product marketing. New executives joining Urban Airship include Erin Hintz as CMO and Mike Musson as SVP of strategy & business development.

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