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Tookan offer streamline operations with effective and efficient manager dashboard for real time tracking of orders and seamless communication. Tookan delivery management software automate the tasks of assigning, dispatching and managing the orders. Tookan has an available free version and free trial opportunity. Tookan offers a free version, and free trial. Click Labs is a United States software company that was founded in 2011, and offers a software title called Tookan. Tookan offers training via documentation, and live online. Features of Tookan like real-time tracking, optimized routes, proof of delivery, rating and feedback and easy integration gives local companies a competitive edge to compete with other local delivery companies and UberEATS. Tookan list of features include the following: We are still working to collect the list of features of Tookan. Tookan is a fully customized end to end Field management solution to manage business resources. Automating the business tasks using softwares like Tookan by optimising the delivery route and navigating to multiple locations to ensure on-time delivery. Using the Tookan App, you will never have to call the manager again to get the task information or to provide the status. From Click Labs: Tookan – Transforming the way businesses manage their deliveries.Using the Tookan App drivers will never have to call the dispatcher again to get the delivery information or to provide their status. Test an API call in your browser and export the code snippet into your app. 3. In V2 API KEYS section click on Generate Key button.

Alternative to Tookan

Connect to the Tookan API to manage deliveries and a mobile workforce in real time. Tookan Taxi is an on-demand SaaS taxi app solution that can be used to take your taxi business mobile without the hassles of long development time and complexities. You can create batches based on distance, time and group size settings. As the Mission is in progress, one can track the overall status of the Mission as well as the status of the individual tasks within each Mission. » View customer details and call/ message them with just one tap. » Automatically update the customer when you start or finish a task. » Get the customer signature, notes and take up to 3 images as a proof of delivery. Local companies with good delivery management softwares ensures reliable and fast service to deliver any product with proof of delivery. Local delivery companies can easily compete with UberEATS using delivery management systems. Both systems give you a lot of system settings options in the backend. With regards to system requirements, Tookan is available as SaaS, Android, and iOS software. Tookan provides iOS and android application to manage the field workforce. I am of the opinion that we now spend more and more cellular in downloading android apps. Bottom line:Tookan is more expensive than Onfleet. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Even if he does live, will their battle training be enough for them to build a Nander army skilled enough to survive the Tookan Attack?