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With strong technical skills, advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment, great sales network, and modern management system, our sales turnover increased 30% year by year. Keep in mind that your customers call you needing something and this creates a great sense of urgency. The Toky REST API returns JSON data related to contacts, SMS, call history, and voice mail. Get started with Toky here. Pricing and sign up information for Toky can be found here. Each record will have relevant information about the call and even a link to the recording. Having a minimum waiting time and providing good information is very important. Toky has successfully established a good sales network and a top sales team, with more than 40 branch offices all over China and nearly 100 general agents in metropolis and middle cities. Have a good number of agents pending to attend to the most frequent options. When calls increase, your customers could experience long waiting times before being served by your call center agents. These are all issues that plagued experience using Toky. Add our Click to call Toky widget to your website and start receiving calls from visitors for free. 22 pluses. Such a result may indicate a lack of SMM tactics, so the domain might be missing some of its potential visitors from social networks. How might Marketing and Sales use this integration? We turn those brand differences into unique, compelling websites, brand identities, and marketing systems. Cons: Virtual phone systems should work at the same, or better level than non-virtual ones.

Follow the innovation of the world, we will continue to seek progress in science and technology for development purposes, to meet customer demands for better and more cost-effective products. Toky is a virtual phone system that allows a business to communicate with its customers in a more efficient way. Use this calling app to make and receive calls and send SMS using Toky for Business on your device. Have a short and concrete greeting message that informs the caller where it is calling. Share your call link and anyone can call you, just like if you would have shared your phone number. Something that will irritate your customers when they call you, is waiting too long. Integrations with major CRM and other business tools not only will allow you to get in touch with your contacts with a single click, but also log details of every call you make. By integrating Hubspot CRM and Toky, you will use your business phone system inside your CRM easily, increasing the productivity of your support and sales teams. Learn what Toky can offer to your business. Toky support the following payment methods : Monthly. Customers can reach out to them for support. Q. Does Toky support mobile devices? Use Toky virtual phone system on the go and stay connected outside of the office or while you are traveling using WiFi or mobile networks. Hold: The audio is heard while waiting for one of the agents to take the call. While .CO Internet S.A.S.

With Toky, all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages are automatically logged under the contact in your HubSpot CRM. Toky is a product that enables you to receive, record, and track incoming and outgoing calls and text messages directly within your HubSpot CRM. Automatic call and text logging in the HubSpot CRM saves precious time for you and your sales team. This integration requires both Toky and HubSpot. HubSpot contacts are always synced with Toky so for incoming calls, you’ll always know who is on the other end. 1. Receive phone calls anywhere you are: Forward your Toky calls to your personal phone number. When an SMS is received to your virtual phone number, the integration will create a ticket in Zendesk and when you reply to this ticket, Toky will send the response directly to the customer’s mobile phone. Try Toky for free! When was the first name Toky first recorded in the United States? If you haven’t already, please read our main article on setting up the Salesforce integration first. You are given a security token the first time you log into Salesforce. They are powerful tools to turn leads into customers. Call customers from anywhere and receive international calls from your website, virtual phone numbers or Facebook fan page. Busy: It is the audio that your customers will hear when agents are busy. An IVR allows, among other things, to connect the caller directly with the agents of certain departments by entering the numbers assigned to them and improve customer experiences.

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