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Still, it’s historically been more of an art than a science, as recruiters load their classified ads up with tech buzzwords in an effort to catch a qualified engineer’s eye. To reel in top talent, recruiters need to make sure any job listing has the right words to reflect how great the role is, from the (ideally) cutting-edge technologies they’ll work with to the lavish company perks they’ll enjoy. However, job listings and candidate emails are Textio’s focus for now. The rich data that comes with job listings allows the company to analyze text much more accurately than other forms of writing. It’s no secret that Silicon Valley, and the larger tech industry, is insanely competitive for talent — so much so that companies are willing to do almost anything to convince top-tier candidates to come over to their side. — As tools like chat app Slack become more common in workplaces, and as the remote workforce continues to grow, written communication skills are in demand. — The federal government is looking to modernize its technology across many agencies, and so those with security clearances are in high demand at startups and companies looking to sell to the public sector. — As software keeps eating the world, there’s new demand for experts that can build and manage complex systems of hardware, software, and cloud computing services. Big data, it turns out, can churn out products like Talent Forecaster. Of note: This year’s list from Textio contains fewer tech skills than last year’s, where “artificial intelligence,” “real-time data,” and “high availability” were the top movers.

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By default, read() prohibits filepatterns that match no files, and readAll() allows them in case the filepattern contains a glob wildcard character. Example 3: streaming new files matching a filepattern. 2shared gives you an excellent opportunity to store your files here and share them with others. Fast download. 33629271 files available. The tool already spots language that historically attracts more male candidates and suggests replacements that are more neutral. Designed for job posts and emails to candidates, Opportunities adds to the existing Textio analysis tool that helps companies find diverse employees. Textio gives each document a score up to 100, and reveals the language patterns that matter to your specific audience by analyzing hundreds of millions of other job posts and hiring outcomes from around the world. Together with its Franchisees, McDonald’s receives upwards of 20 million applicants a year to support hiring nearly two million people, making them one of the most significant employers in the world. Every month, this data set grows by 10 million new documents, with the latest hiring results attached to each one. 20 million to expand its offerings to other types of business writing. With this funding round, Textio plans to expand to other types of business interactions, such as recruiting emails and sales communications. Join our community just now to flow with the file TextIO and make our shared file collection even more complete and exciting. Improving the performance of your writing is now truly just a click away. According to Cisco’s latest diversity report, the technology conglomerate now gets 10% more female job candidates, with 24% of Cisco’s worldwide employees now female, and 47% of its US employees identifying as non-Caucasian.