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People who join your session will only see the visual content of your browser tab. We work only in a single tab of your web browser; we do not have access to any of the other tabs, or run any software on your computer. Surfly can be run from our website or it can be integrated using an API or with a simple widget. This allows us to run the session solely via the web so there is no need to download any software, and you can start sharing immediately. There are lots of important websites, web apps, services available on internet. Related PostsSurfly Voted ‘Most Useful Internet Tool 2013′! The co-browsing technology enables you to share your browser with others while providing a way to communicate via video or text chat, or by using the drawing tool provided. Works on all sites and includes video and text chat. Download.cnet.comSurfly is a simple web based co-browsing solution with video chat that makes joint navigation through the web by two or more people extremely simple. Web based, no download Advanced co-browsing made simple. Thanks for suggesting co-browsing integration with Chat. We also have an extensive and robust API to enable seamless integration with existing workflows and chat solutions. We are building an apps framework into Chat that would allow 3rd party developers like Surfly to support an integration. Field masking means you can block what each party sees, allowing you to protect the passwords and user information of your users and clients.

That means users will only have access to what’s available through your browser page. Surfly is a new web-based app which allows you co-browse any web page while being able to show and see each other live cursor in real-time. App.surfly.comTo browse together we only need to know a few details from you. On our review platform, it is possible to match Scout Systems HQ and Surfly and right away evaluate their unique elements. You’ll be working in a team of skilled developers to make the experience for our users as smooth as possible. Surfly is a platform that allows several users to browse the Internet together. Tell your website users you are listed on Hupso. It is through our proxy that data is transferred from the original website to the Surfly session and is synchronized to all the participants. At Surfly we use an advanced technique to set up the shared session. With Surfly, you can show your mom how to use Facebook, walk a client through a new feature on the app you’re designing, or check out travel photos while planning a vacation with a friend. Clicking on the link opens up the exact site you’re looking at. That person will access the web through that link and will be able to view everything we do. Surfly has developed an easy way to share live websites, and it’s a useful tool for people who need to demonstrate how to do things on the web to their clients, colleagues, or even friends.

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