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Since I’ve had this conversation a few too many times to count in recent months, I had put on my to-do list last week the following task: LEARN STORIFY. Last night, with less than a week to go before we head back to school, I seriously investigated different options. So I went back through my blogs and replaced all my Storify stories with Wakelet. Even if a tweet is deleted from Twitter, once captured on Storify it will be there permanently. However, there is a rumour that Storify is shutting down and will probably delete all posts. This will open your Storify up in a new window. No new or existing bug fixes will be addressed. It will no longer be possible to submit requests for bug fixes to either Storify or Zendesk. MED has a collection of some conference tweets which you can find on our website or directly on our Storify profile. The tool helps marketers find, curate, and share engaging content to build their company’s thought leadership and increase qualified website traffic. Click on that link and it will take you to the website! When you’ve been through the first ‘batch’ of tweets scroll to the end and click on ‘Show more results’ to bring up more, and repeat the process. Atomic Reach is a content conversion platform which aims to help businesses turn their content into sales through content scorecarding, conversion optimization, business intelligence, & more. Storify is closing its doors on 16 May 2018 and all content will become unavailable.

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Of course if you create a post using Storify your site won’t get the SEO benefit from the traffic or keywords. Using a hashtag also means the tagged tweets can easily be pulled out, from all the other non-tagged tweets. We also add conference tweets to our ‘previous conferences‘ page, with a small version of the Storify icon next to them . Land of Stories Storify Yourself. Maybe mine were faster because I only had 13 stories but it was automatic, which I appreciate. Instead, you are forced to post those photos on another platform and link to them through Storify. We would like to thank you again for your loyal support of Storify. That’s so smart. One of the things I consider before I recommend a tool to someone is whether it seems like it’s going to be around for a while. It’s almost like one-stop shopping with all of the internet at your disposal. In fact it’s worth checking a day or so after the event’s ended for this. S to save. It’s not perfect, but it took minutes to write and saved A LOT of time. It was a lot of fun. They can then comment on it or follow a link to the original content. Curata’s Content Curation Software can access hundreds of thousands of sources from social media and websites, and uses machine learning and special filtering options to adapt to users’ search preferences and eliminate out-of-date content from search results. Students annotated images and social media that reflected what their readers might expect or value, describing how, perhaps, it related to their audience.

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Some tweets will include a photo, others might include a link to supporting information or just put things in context. Alternative to Storify. You can copy the story’s link into a tweet and write a little bit of explanatory context before sending it your followers. These might be telling their followers what the speaker is saying, or what they think about what the speaker is saying. Best Storify Alternative. This was done on ReadWriteWeb when Seamus Condron asked his Twitter followers what Twitter could do to make their life easier. ACES “storifies” its monthly Twitter chats. An author could pull data from various sources, tweets from various Twitter users, videos, web links and other resources, and use them in a story. The timeless social network for saving images and links could be a good alternative for anyone who used Storify to store different elements from the world wide web. “Livefyre’s StreamHub platform powers real-time conversation and social curation for over 400 of the world’s largest brands and publishers. But Storify, a social media curation tool, occasionally brings them to light. The solution allows individuals and professionals to share their best curated ressources with their followers, giving them an opportunity to create and maintain a meaningful web and social presence, or share knowledge within their company. Storify is the best way to gather tweets, comments, snippets and images from all around the Web and put them into one post. Storify was designed to help the voices online that matter, and to make the web tell a story.