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PhotoStamps can help you grow your business by showcasing your business logo, announcing new products, or advertising upcoming events. From logos to product introductions, special events to memorable corporate gifts, PhotoStamps will build your brand with every piece of mail you send. You get access to discounted Priority Mail® and Express Mail® rates and special features like automatic postback of tracking information into your QuickBooks software. If you need your packages delivered overnight, Priority Mail Express is a great option! Yes, customers who print postage online automatically qualify for discounted shipping rates (known as Commercial Base pricing) when purchasing Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express or First Class Package Service. Print shipping labels for Priority Mail, Express Mail, First-Class®, Media Mail® and more! Simply open the invoice (or other transaction) in QuickBooks and click on “Print Envelopes” or “Print Packages” from the “File” menu. You can immediately take advantage of features such as printing shipping labels on plain paper or printing postage directly on envelopes! PhotoStamps are an exciting new product that lets you take your own images or photographs and turn them into real U.S. You can also give them as unforgettably unique gifts, or keep them and frame them so you and your family can treasure your PhotoStamps for years to come! Whether you have a wedding to announce, a new baby in the family or a photogenic pet, PhotoStamps are a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to everything you send in the mail! Think of it as your Personal Postage Printing License.

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When printing postage online for letters, do I get a discounted rate? When printing shipping labels online, do I get a discounted rate? Print USPS® shipping labels, track packages and keep track of your shipping directly from Quickbooks Shipping Manager. Before you go, please take with you a copy of the receipt from your Print History. Do I need to take any actions to get the new rates after January 27, 2019? When did the new USPS rates start? This guide will help you better understand the new USPS rates and how they may affect your business. Did First Class Package Service rates change in 2019? Rates will be based on the weight of the package (in ounces) and the shipping zone the package is traveling to. Print shipping labels for Priority Mail, Express Mail, First Class, Media Mail and more! Unlike First Class Mail or Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express has a money-back guarantee if your mailpiece is not delivered by the promised time. The money-back guarantee is contingent on a number of factors including the package drop-off time as well as the origin and destination zip codes. The USPS also offers a money-back guarantee if your package is not delivered on time. QuickBooks Shipping Manager allows users to print shipping labels for a variety of mail classes by choosing the “Ship USPS” option. Access your QuickBooks address book, choose your shipping options and print your label all from one screen. Even access your QuickBooks address book so you can easily mail and ship to your customers without having to re-enter any data.