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The template based interface lets you hit the ground running and get started with personalized event sign-ups in minutes flat, while robust tools are in place for churning out multiple sign-ups in bulk. SignUpGenius is built from the ground up as a dedicated piece of software designed to help with event scheduling and respondent notifications. The partnership with SignUpGenius is in line with its goal of finding disruptive software companies poised for further expansion. Most of us have full-time jobs outside of being firefighters, so finding a way to coordinate activities in a fair and consistent way was time consuming and quite challenging. Being on that list is critical for the Troop to ensure participants are covered by BSA insurance if something unfortunate were to occur. There are hundreds of professionally crafted themes users can choose from when creating their sign up forms. There are hundreds of professionally designed themes right out of the box, but users also have the option to design their own to create an invitation that accurately reflects the needs of their event. The service is easy to use and (if you are willing to put up with the ads) is free. PSG focuses on growth equity investments in lower middle-market software and technology-enabled service companies, primarily in North America. “SignUpGenius is excited to partner with PSG to accelerate our growth,” said Dan Rutledge, CEO of SignUpGenius, and Angel Rutledge, COO and CMO of SignUpGenius. Providence Strategic Growth has acquired a majority stake in SignUpGenius, an online sign-up site for event and volunteer management.

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“SignUpGenius has an exciting product in an attractive space, led by an excellent management team,” said Matt Stone, Vice President of Providence Strategic Growth. 50 billion in assets under management. At the same time, one person can manage the sheets remotely, so it eliminated the need for paper sheets and multiple trips to stations to post, review, and collect those sheets. There is no need for them to open an account. If the late attendee pays via Paypal, that means our Treasurer team needs to spend extra time reconciling a trip as the payment arrives in our account in a different manner. Booking participants for speaking engagements or entertainment shows add an extra complication, as they can change the makeup and lineup of the event itself in a fundamental way. But a little exploration will make it clear that this is a project designed to accommodate the demanding needs of overworked event coordinators. Even the smallest get together can involve multiple moving parts, and one of the most critical logistical vectors is who will be there. Everyone gets busy and at times, items on the calendar or emails get overlooked. Sending follow-up emails for various different purposes. By enabling up to 12 million unique visitors per month to sign up for tasks online, SignUpGenius has done away with the need for paper sign ups, “reply-all” emails and phone trees. Advanced reporting and tracking allows you to see who has opened their emails as well as their click-throughs. That allows you to compartmentalize members of your organization into more specialized interest groups or contact individuals directly.

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“We’re committed to providing the premier organizing tool to help groups accomplish their world-changing missions, and PSG has the expertise and resources to greatly expand our ability to serve our customers. SignUpGenius simplifies the process of organizing people and events by providing online sign-ups for schools, nonprofits, faith groups, families, colleges, and businesses. It makes organizing volunteers and coordinating them easier, but it isn’t going to bring them in as easily as some people might claim. The era of using online coupons is here, and it’s only going to get better. Sign-up is simple, meaning that you can get started quickly even if it’s your first time and you’re trying to plan something as easy as a family reunion or cookout. The platform offers its users several different themes to choose from, allowing users to organize and plan in a customized, fun way. The volume of your participants can have a meaningful effect on what venue you rent, how much you budget for concessions, and how you plan the events. The system can generate a a unique sign up URL that you can share to an unlimited number of participants and volunteers. You can sync members from your contact lists, and the option is also there to send automated messages about upcoming events. SignUpGenius simplifies the process of coordinating events and people by providing online sign ups for nonprofits, schools, sports, churches, families, colleges, businesses and organizations. More than 66 million people visited SignUpGenius in 2016, and users planned 2.3 million events on the site.