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Five timekeeping options are available for employees clocking in and out—including a mobile app, QR code, and call-in. In this session, we will demonstrate the Shiftboard mobile user experience and the administrative interface. Best Employee Scheduling Software Tools 2018 — We reviewed employee scheduling programs that cover the range of options for small businesses in terms of pricing, features, ease of use, mobile access by employees, integrations, and positive customer reviews. Unlike traditional workforce management solutions that focus on salaried employees, Shiftboard was designed and built specifically around the hourly worker, where scheduling, real-time communication, and responding to change are at the core of day-to-day operations. Seattle: Shiftboard, a employee scheduling and workforce management solutions, today announced the appointment of Connie O’Brien as Vice President of Customer Success. Her deep enterprise experience and proven success in customer relations will help Shiftboard continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience” said Shiftboard President and CEO Sterling Wilson. After more than two decades as a client success and customer strategy executive, Connie will lead Shiftboard’s commitment to provide an outstanding customer experience helping enterprise organizations lower labor costs, while increasing employee productivity and engagement. Connie will oversee all aspects of customer success including: customer implementations, training, support, adoption, and professional services. If you are clocking in to your shift, the system will tell you you are currently clocked out, please press 2 to clock in to your shift, then she will state you are now clocked in goodbye. Scheduling accuracy, communication, compliance adherence and labor costs are all improved when scheduling is optimized.

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Users can also do time and attendance tracking, labor forecasting, applicant management, and various reporting tasks. Maintain labor law compliance and eliminate scheduling errors by tracking labor contracts, employee credentials, seniority rules, mandatory rest periods and more, all within Shiftboard. I suggest the same with Shiftboard Case Studies. For schedule changes, you are responsible to add and delete shifts at the SAME mountain. No problem. Shiftboard’s iOS and Android apps keep workers on point and engaged with instant schedule access and communication tools. 6 million. As a result of Voyager’s investment, the firm’s managing director Erik Benson will join Shiftboard’s board of directors. Shiftboard’s employee scheduling tools are configurable to the way you work. It has a team of consultants and experts who are trained to work with customers in optimizing the tool or software’s capabilities. While using this app you can easily view and manage your work schedule. Please make sure you didn’t over schedule.. We are currently using Shiftboard in order to make duty day scheduling easier and more transparent, as well as limit the difficulty needed in trading days with your fellow patrollers. Schedule will open for all BBSP staff on November 4, 2018. Please note that there are limited slots for each day our patrol will provide service to the mountain, so schedule early to get your desired schedule. You can also export your schedule to your calendar. These systems allow you to make your calendar available on the web and notify you (via email or SMS) when someone books an appointment.

Second tab under calendar is sign up lists. Signup lists and shift-pickup options make it easier to fill last minute shifts and respond quickly to changes. Shifts that you must change MUST be changed no later than Wednesday night 12pm. You will be locked in for that weekend’s shifts after that deadline. There will be a limited number of shifts available, and assignment to Snow Summit or Bear Mountain will be determined later. How many open shifts do I have for next week? It is all about being able to have a full roster of employees and task them with assignments that are suited to their level of proficiency, skills, and certifications. I like that staff are no longer receiving messages until the schedule is completed. Once the shift has been confirmed, we will get a notification by email once it has been added to your schedule. When slots fill up and meet our needs for each date, the schedule will close for that particular day. You use it to schedule worker shifts. Simply go into your profile and choose “My Shifts” in the Account Toolbox on the right had side. Questions on how to setup your profile and schedule your shifts? HOW DO I VIEW/ PRINT MY SCHEDULE? Volunteers can directly update their personal information & email settings, pick up shifts, get reminders, and print their schedules. The final section I will show you is where to find your personal information. Please note: Anyone found signing in with this APP and not showing up for their shift will be dismissed from patrol.