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Call centers play such a pivotal role these days in customer engagement and marketing initiatives. Where once a simple listening device and assessment document would suffice, these days call centres have more sophisticated technologies and call centre agents have more complex roles requiring greater productivity. Better insight into agent performance and call center productivity is readily available for all stakeholders involved in the call center QA performance process. Some alternative products to GreekTrack include Call Center Dialer, Call Center, and Metaphor Contact Center. This simple staff scoring solution replaces spreadsheets and documents for contact centres to score calls, emails or chat. Multiple score card types allow user flexibility. We got to work on planning, storyboards & brand storytelling and design, through to full production and editing with animation and motion graphics, as well as voiceover production for multiple markets. Is there any advice you’d like to give to budding start-up marketers to help them work smart and stay productive? Overall, it’s difficult to argue against Scorebuddy being the best solution out there. There is direct approach and their resolution speed of tickets is very quick. View, review and share all key performance indicators (KPIs) with staff, management and clients with an easy-to-use quick and simple analytics system. Your favorite time-saving trick: Hootsuite Lists for quick scanning of what the influencers are talking about at any time. In 2018, Scorebuddy was voted “Best Contact Center Technology” for the second time in the Call Centre Helper “Top Ten Contact Center Software and Technology” awards.

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Anna is passionate about employee engagement and writes blogs for Scorebuddy about performance improvement, quality management and other contact center related topics. Scorecards are your call center QA manager’s best tools because they provide measurement and tracking solutions that empower your call center agents to amaze your clients and customers. From humble beginnings the company now boasts an impressive pool of customers internationally including Ryanair, AirBNB, DHL and Allianz, and quality assesses over 30,000 agents in 20 countries every month. Each month I create two case studies to include in our monthly newsletter and it’s a great way of probing what new customers like/dislike or are unaware of. The business grew from a customer need has evolved ever since based on what customers want so at our core Scorebuddy works closely with customers to meet their needs. Scorebuddy is a web-based staff quality and monitoring tool for contact centers that is easy to use, scale and integrate. For more information on using Scorebuddy for your call centre analytics and assessments contact Scorebuddy or if you want to test drive our software subscribe to a free trial below. You can selectively download and archive your data, including completed score cards and files, to your own hard drive or delete data from the Scorebuddy servers when you need to. Downloadable data to your hard drive. Usage of your Salesforce credentials to set up a secure scheduled export of score data to an (s)FTP location. Score customer interactions and outcomes using a web-based platform to assess agent performance.

Scorebuddy looks great using Safari, Chrome and the latest versions of Internet Explorer. Functionality with the latest web browsers. Call center software can also provide call data, analytics and reports as well as random selection and pre-screened calls for review. Recording call centre analytics is no longer a straightforward process for UK call centres. It’s ideal for monitoring customer service in areas such as call centre staff performance. It’s ideal for monitoring customer service in areas such as call centre performance management and localisation projects. To meet the demand for a more state-of-the-art system to record and analyse call centre interactions, UK call centre assessment software company Scorebuddy has developed the Scorebuddy Score Card system. Use an existing template to tweak your score cards to suit individual calling campaigns. To attract people to our site we use PPC campaigns on directory websites that specialize in software categories, inbound marketing in the form of blogs, vlogs, white papers. · Hubspot Blog Theme Generator: This really helped me brainstorm when I first began blogging, I don’t use it so much now, I look more to my Keyword Planner. It helps me judge what I need to promote more of and what I need to report to our technical team. ScoreBuddy is also gearing up to allow you to track all of your scores for any of the sports that you or your team participate in. When monitoring is part of a software solution, supervisors and QA team members can get real-time input so that course corrections can be made appropriately.