Our Canvas Support pages provide a springboard for faculty needing help navigating and creating their Canvas Courses. How do I add a text (SMS) contact method in Canvas? Users can receive Canvas notifications via Facebook, SMS text messaging, email and other communication channels.


Candy was established as a a better way to organize and navigate the web content that matters to you. Its smart note taking method is a clever alternative to traditional bookmarks.


CallHippo is a Virtual Phone System which allows startups & businesses to buy instant phone numbers from over 50+ countries around the world. With our easy to use interface and robust backend any business can set up their phone system in less than 3 minutes.


Calendly is a piece of software that makes it easy to schedule meetings amongst various individuals. It is excellent for managing your own schedule of meetings with your colleagues, and it works well for businesses that want to schedule appointments with their clients.


Cacoo is a flowchart design program that is available online. It includes collaboration features that allow users on different computers to work simultaneously on the same flowchart. Users can access, edit, and add to a diagram in way that is very similar to shared projects in Google Docs. Cacoo features inter-user chat as well so that various users can brainstorm and discuss the project together.


BuzzSumo is built around the notion of consumer insights. They scour results from the top search engines to find out what users are searching for. Understanding this can help you load your website with the kind of content that will draw eyes to your site and help you make a successful pitch for your products or services.


Pepipost is an email delivery platform that distinguishes itself in many ways. It does not charge for emails opened, can be used with Outlook and Thunderbird, and is compatible with WordPress and Drupal.


pCloudy is a combination of app testing software and services. It has a comprehensive set of Mobile Devices and Tools to Improve Quality of your App.


PaySpace is a card transaction technical processor. They offer reliable and secure electronic technical payment services through which merchants no longer need to worry about payment methods to offer to their customers.