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PawLoyalty Pro

PawLoyalty Pro is a type of business management software called kennel or pet service software. Such software is aimed at helping owners of pet-related business manage all their business affairs through a single platform. 


Recommendations to others considering the product See a demo and talk to their team. I would recommend anyone looking for software see a demo and talk to the PawLoyalty team. Cons: See a demo and talk to their team. Do not hesitate to click on Visit Website to access a Free Demo or Trial immediately. Quickly access the latest reviews to compare actual user opinions and ratings. Despite that, PawLoyalty Pro has great reviews from those who use it. Since then, 7/27/15, we received an auto generated email reminder from the PawLoyalty system proving that our company’s db information has not been removed from PawLoyalty’s system. We could not use our email due to the MASSIVE amount of incoming emails from the PawLoyalty system! What would you change about your experience with PawLoyalty Pro Software? Comments: I love that my customers are engaged and appreciate the extra effort that the software let’s us provide. Comments: There are no pros but cons are many. I love that my customers are engaged and appreciate the extra effort that the software let’s us provide. We did not have a good training experience, no response during initial period, software db conversion was a nightmare. We wish you the best and hope that you have a great Holiday Season. What was the best part about using PawLoyalty Pro Software? Correspondence was scant at best. Hi Roncy, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on how we can improve our product and processes, I really appreciate it; we will take that feedback and use it to create a better customer experience.

I love that customer support staff answers the phone, is friendly and knows the product very well. I love that my staff learned the software in a matter of 90 minutes. The table above compares PawLoyalty and MoveitPro Software. The final straw – and reason to finally write this review, was from 9:50pm 1/12/16 thru 3:36am 1/13/16, we received OVER 2000, yes 2000, auto generated emails from the PawLoyalty system. Plus, if you’re someone who values looks, PawLoyalty Pro is a early-2000s website in a world of beautiful, new-age web design. You, your staff, and your customers will all have to muddle through the ugly interface at some point, and the outdated design will certainly give you a behind-the-times appearance. I have deleted your company database from our Microsoft data center servers. I immediately emailed them on 7/27/15, regarding this issue and to delete our company db information, again with no response. Rather than alpha, all were in a nonsensical order which increased company costs for the insane amount of hours that we had 2 employees working on adding client info that should have converted. This means that your company profile and all associated pet/customer data is also permanently removed. I love that clients can book an appointment thru our website or facebook page. I love that their reporting can tell me how my business is performing. This ends up being more of a con than a pro, because niche pet business owners will find more useful functionalities in more specific software, and other types of pet business owners are likely better off with a different CMS.

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