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OpenAI Gym

OpenAI GYM is a toolkit developers use to both develop and compare reinforcement learning algorithms. Their GitHub repository includes dozens of contributors. They offer a leaderboard so contributors can see how their enhancements to reinforcement learning algorithms compare to others. 


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You can find out what kind of version of python you have by looking at the Icon name. In this paper, we describe a new Python package for the simulation of spiking neural networks, specifically geared toward machine learning and reinforcement learning. You need to install 64 bit Python. If you have 32 Bit Version it won’t work. System: Windows 10, 64 Bit. We’ll build out the list here over time; please let us know what you end up installing on your platform. OpenAI is releasing tools you can run locally to test out algorithms in various “environments” — including Atari games like Air Raid, Breakout, and Ms. Pacman — and a Web service for sharing test results. The code also includes board games such as Go; physics simulators to help machine learning systems understand how to ‘walk’; and classic AI training scenarios such as propelling a car up a hill and balancing a pole on a cart. OpenAI, Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence company, has created a ‘gym’ to let developers train their AI systems on games and challenges. Reinforcement learning research has been “slowed down”, according to OpenAI, because of a need for better benchmarks and a lack of standardisation in environments. And I also believe that such interface could be extended and improved a lot (parallel execution of environments, multitask learning and other things). It includes a large number of well-known problems that expose a common interface allowing to directly compare the performance results of different RL algorithms.

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OpenAI Gym focuses on the episodic setting of RL, aiming to maximize the expectation of total reward each episode and to get an acceptable level of performance as fast as possible. After so many episodes, the algorithm will converge and determine the optimal action for every state using the Q table, ensuring the highest possible reward. Unlike traditional leaderboards, however, these won’t be a list of high scores – instead, success will be based on how versatile the systems are. If it works we are ready to go! After four days of trying i finally made it and it finally works! Hands-On Intelligent Agents with OpenAI Gym takes you through the process of building intelligent agent algorithms using deep reinforcement learning starting from the implementation of the building blocks for configuring, training, logging, visualizing, testing, and monitoring the agent. Our software, called BindsNET1, enables rapid building and simulation of spiking networks and features user-friendly, concise syntax. Such a result may indicate successful SMM tactics bringing some additional traffic to the domain from social networks. BindsNET is built on the PyTorch deep neural networks library, facilitating the implementation of spiking neural networks on fast CPU and GPU computational platforms. The development of spiking neural network simulation software is a critical component enabling the modeling of neural systems and the development of biologically inspired algorithms. Since many years, the ns-3 network simulation tool is the de-facto standard for academic and industry research into networking protocols and communications technology. What is missing is the integration of a RL framework like OpenAI Gym into the network simulator ns-3.

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