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Now all you need to do is copy and paste the generated script tracking code into every page you wish to track right before the closing body tag. Language claimed in HTML meta tag should match the language actually used on the web page. As I learned those things are pretty standard in most enterprise level TMS (tag management systems) like Segment or tealium, but in GTM we have to do a little bit of work. We have searched the web and identified tons of outstanding analytics and usability sites like Mouseflow. This data can be analyzed by a developer to determine any design flaws that need to be addressed or could be improved for the usability of the website. You’ll meet other design flaws that you’d never know existed. When you use Mouseflow and actually go through your Mouseflow Recordings, you’ll notice links that don’t work and ads or pop ups seem to obstruct user experience. You’ll be able to see what they click on, how far they scroll, how engaged they are with your content, and more. This means you see the page precisely as your visitor sees it. This means that if you have the free account and are able to record up to 100 visits and a single user accesses 10 pages worth of your content, it will only count as a single recording. It gives you statistics like the number of page designs, views/day, visits length, interaction time, and more! You know who visits your website and what they do while they are on the website.

Mouseflow free Alternative

Watching what your visitors do on your website is something else altogether. Mouseflow lets you record website visitors and generate instant heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and even pay attention. Most marketers don’t even use landing pages. Pages don’t load, forms that don’t work and content seems to be misplaced. It also provides scroll data, which informs the website administrators or developers of how much of the content is actually being viewed and how far users scroll on the page. Mouseflow also provides statistical information of the users whom frequent your website such as browser types, operating systems and screen resolutions. Screen recordings can be incredibly useful for observing how users complete forms on your site. Mouseflow reduces hard work with recordings of real visitor administration on your website. Funnel analytics, website recordings, form analytics, geo heat maps, scroll analysis, and with the data from Optimizely experiments gives you real focus points to work on conversion optimisation. If you setup funnels (even if it’s something simple like converting on your contact form), you’d like to how your funnels convert. This involves anchor-links, buttons, and even erroneous elements where users can click incorrectly. It is definitely worth considering and testing out even if you are already using a different website’s service. The following are the terms and conditions for use of the Mouseflow service described herein (the “Service”). Understanding buyer psychology is helpful in providing better service. Analytics can give better result when the analysts have the freedom to customise.