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Masterspec NextGen2 also allows keynote generation and updating in your drawing set via Masterspec MasterKey, and you can add a subscription to the NZ Standards Online construction library accessible from within the NextGen2 and MasterKey interface. In spite of these concerns, for anyone developing a set of specifications with LEED-NC version 2.0 or 2.1 requirements for the first time, this book is worth its weight in gold. Designers and spec-writers who’ve worked on LEED projects in the past can draw from those previous specifications and save a lot of time, but the first time through is always a challenge. Masterspec edit the master system for their projects by deleting requirements that don’t apply and selecting or inserting the appropriate parameters for other requirements. Masterspec have been proactive in including LEED-related requirements in the master specifications as the sections are revised. Endorsed by ACEC and NSPE, the MasterSpec® Electrical Specifications Library gives you one source for the most thoroughly written engineering specifications, backed by user-friendly editing software, and extensive background research (including key industry standards and their impact on product selection). Masterspec® is a widely used master specification system, with specification language that aims to include all commonly needed requirements. In all, nearly 100 sections now contain specific LEED language. The introduction of ACT Certification language in MasterSpec signifies the design industry’s focus on qualified labor. Although the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF) has already helped certify many installers, we must increase our numbers in the coming months to ensure we can meet the growing demand for ACT.

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Today, ARCOM is proud to build on this strong foundation by unveiling a new brand and vision to serve the AECO community in the digitally connected future. Among the most valuable function they serve is to translate the requirements of various reference standards, such as Green Seal’s GS-11 standard for paints and coatings, into specific requirements governing the selection of paints. There are also many LEED credits, such as those relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and daylighting, that cannot be addressed in terms of specification requirements until the relevant systems have been designed. InterSpec’s e-SPECS family of specification systems interface with Autodesk® Revit, Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, Autodesk® Building Systems, and AutoCAD® design software, and are fully compatible with ARCOM’s MASTERWORKS software. Recently, due to MS discontinuing support for Office 2011 (Mac) as well as Xerox eliminating mac support for 32 bit software, we were forced to upgrade our entire office to Office 2016 (Mac). The software, Masterspec, is designed to help companies and manufacturers in creating software and unique specifications to expedite content creation. WASHINGTON – Deltek’s recent acquisition of Avitru, the strategic partner of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and developer of AIA’s MasterSpec, will expand availability of the software to the design and construction industries. ] It was developed in 1969 by the AIA to provide architects a means to create technical specifications without spending a lot of time researching products and writing up to date technical specifications from scratch.

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Written by Architects, specification experts, and researchers, this library offers more than 250 sections covering procurement and contracting requirements, general requirements, and technical construction specifications for interiors construction. Masterspec delivers Standard, Structural & Civil, Services, Landscapes, Basic, Interiors and Minor Residential, accepted as the most efficient and reliable industry-standard solution available for design professionals. It remains to be seen how aggressively this material will be updated and expanded to address other LEED rating systems, such as LEED for Commercial Interiors. Sections that have not yet been updated for LEED, such as those covering windows (which could feature certified wood or recycled content) and structural steel (an important category for recycled content), are missing from this resource. ARCOM is pleased to announce that the lighting sections of MasterSpec have been updated to better reflect the technologies and products available to engineers and lighting designers. It will prove helpful even for sections that it hasn’t addressed, because the model it sets forth is relatively easy to replicate. It lays out many of the requirements clearly and will save lots of time and effort. As anyone who has tried knows all too well, incorporating all the requirements for a LEED® project into the construction documents is no small task. Masterspec is the leading specification system in New Zealand’s construction industry used by over 1250 design practices. They have also drafted whole new sections: one on LEED requirements in general, another on construction waste management, and a third on commissioning. Our professional inspector is the only one in Central Illinois to earn the designation of Master Inspector by Review.