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I have been participating in the ManageWP Orion beta from day one… and will surely use it for a long time to come. However, they remained committed to meeting their self-set targets for improving the Orion software by introducing automated tools. However, if you’re only managing a few sites, then it’s probably unnecessary. I think one of the best features about it is how it consolidates other actions outside of just managing content on mt sites. It simply saves an ENORMOUS amount of time… if you are managing a fair number of wordpress sites. Currently there are 6 reviews of ManageWP left by WPscoop users. Together with my in-depth feature and price comparisons these user reviews are meant to help people make the right decision for the best management plugin. This page lists aggregated reviews of ManageWP from different sources if available as well as user reviews by other WPscoop visitors. See the table below for a quick overview of ManageWP prices as well as a comparison with average prices of management plugins. ManageWP also is one of the easiest WP management services to set up and use and offers multiple advanced add-ons at very affordable ” and customizable ” pricing. It was fairly reliable, easy to use and the support was good. The proactive support is a telling sign of some really passionate people writing the code. Now, let us see how each company fairs in the support department. In such a cut-throat industry I don’t see a reason one host (EIG) would allow such access to their servers by a competitor (GoDaddy / ManageWP).

I’ve never had any complaints for as long as I’ve used it and I see it as a vital part of my business. I’ve been using ManageWP for a little over a year now and I’ve truly come to love the platform. But if you anticipate that this could potentially come up in the future, you may want to prepare your setup ahead of time so that you can utilize this feature and save yourself LOTS of time down the road. The reason why we were so excited is because we could now update our ACF options using ManageWP’s Code Snippets feature to edit content across multiple websites by running 1 command, which would save us tons of time. Setting up the plugin requires a bit of work, but once it’s ready, you can manage multiple WordPress websites without relying on an external service. 150. The bundled price covers 100 websites per month. Which means the price you pay is calculated daily instead of monthly. Yes. I am a bit concerned about the recent acquisition by GoDaddy… as I simply do not like that company nor their marketing tactics. I perfer this option over others like MainWP because it’s not being hosted on my server and if I run into an issue, then someone else gets to deal with the headache of fixing the problems with the server. They have a few plugins that I may entertain, but I do not like their pricing model as it restricts you to 100 sites, but you can buy the plugins twice but that does get expensive.

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