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If you are not able to watch the lecture live, Register Now to be able to view the replay afterward. The video replay will remain available for 72 hours, so even if you can’t make the lecture live, be sure to still register. Some players think that the toon is sleeping through chapter 1 and 2 in carbonite, so that chapter 3 will be the starting point. It is kinda reasonable since the chapter 1 will be tutorial for new players, plus in chapter 2, players are possibly escaping from carbonite sleep, so that the chapter 3 will be the introduction of key antagonist(s) and conflict. SlashGear will be at the event in LA, and we’ll be bringing you all the details as well as some first-impressions as the launch goes down. We’ll update this post when we have it. We have several InsideEVs contributors who will be attending the event in person, so stay tuned for even more coverage from the live reveal. You will receive an email with a link to access the next lecture. You will receive a link to the next livestream in your email. Please make sure you join the email list. This suggests, if the account did indeed belong to the same banned Far Right activist, he was also easily able to circumvent Facebook’s ban by creating a new account with a different (fake) name and email. Stuchbery also passed us details of the account he believes was used to livestream the harassment — suggesting it’s linked to another Far Right activist, known by the moniker ‘Danny Tommo’, who was also banned by Facebook last week.

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Public attitudes to (anti)social media have certainly soured — and with livestreams of hate and harassment it’s little wonder. Officers attended and we are now establishing the circumstances around both incidents so we can determine whether any offences have been committed. We reached out to Bedfordshire Police to ask what it could confirm about the incidents at Stuchbery’s house and the force’s press office told us it had received a number of enquiries about the matter. I called the police – who wouldn’t? We were called to reports of a man causing a disturbance outside a house in Spurcroft, Luton at around 10.52pm on Monday (4 March) and again at around 5:21am on Tuesday (5 March). The litigation relates to allegations Yaxley-Lennon made online late last year about a 15-year-old Syrian refugee schoolboy called Jamal who was shown in a video that went viral being violently bullied by white pupils at his school in Northern England. But the trigger for Stuchbery being personally targeted by Yaxley-Lennon appears to be a legal letter served to the latter’s family home at the weekend informing him he’s being sued for defamation. We passed the details of the ‘Jack Dawkins’ account to Facebook and since then the company appears to have suspended the account. It added that it has content and safety teams which work around the clock to monitor Live videos flagged for review by Facebook users. With simple to use technology, it allows everyone to broadcast live to the web, as well as being the top destination for live content from around the world.