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In theory and practice, it works swimmingly on both ends, proving itself as an indispensable tool for site upkeep. Contact us for a live demo of how this works. Contact us for a live demo of how we can help save valuable time for your support center. Contact us to arrange a demo. With our dynamic multi-screen setup, Inbenta gives agents the power to classify tickets to the right department while tracking, documenting and reporting the resolution process. A new tool with the same old offerings2019-02-04T20:01:55.520ZInbenta Enterprise Search was one of the tools used only by our search results team to power our search backend infrastructure. With your agents using our semantic search tool to locate answers in your knowledge databases, ticket response times and agent workloads decrease. The NLP-based semantic search feature is quite impressive.,It is a fairly new tool in the market, so not much market feedback exists for this. More than just an organizational product, our email management uses semantic search to automatically and intelligently respond to simple tickets, handling the majority of redundant email traffic before it reaches live agents. As part of our ticketing system, email management can categorize and route emails to the right departments, simplifying your ticket processing. “Many customers still send emails and call because even though the answers are there, they cannot find them,” Inbenta founder and CEO Jordi Torras told Fortune. The enhanced website search provides the user’s customers with answers right away based on the meaning of their questions, not the keywords, leading to fewer tickets and more time for agents to focus on complex, non-repetitive inquiries.

Cost Benefit: based on a unique technology that combines lexical and linguistic search algorithms, our search engine understands the intention of every search query and suggests results that are relevant, thus increasing cross-selling and reducing customer service costs. Moobidesk is a customer engagement platform that enables businesses and organizations to engage and provide quality support to their customers through any support and communication channels. Customer Insight: thanks to our exclusive Semantic Clustering technology, you’ll have in-depth insight into the actual needs of your customers based on their searches. If they are not satisfied with the answer provided, they can be transferred to a live agent, who will already have the detailed conversation history. If you have any further questions about it then you will be able to get in touch with the team assigned to your project. Inbenta will discuss an Aberdeen Group report; 55% of companies employ self-service solutions and 26% say they plan to build a chatbot as part of their self-service strategy. Check if the application can customize at least part of its processes to guarantee it fits your own business processes. Freshdesk offers a free app and four price points for various business sizes. Both, the company’s Intelligent Search for Customer Support and its On-site Search for E-Commerce, deliver the most relevant results possible for improved customer satisfaction and retention. Your auto responses can be customized and personalized without worrying about using specific keywords or tags because our semantic search will locate relevant answers regardless of the exact wording used.

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