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At Thursday’s education event, Apple put glee into the heart of every ebook publisher when it unveiled iBooks Author, the company’s new ebook authoring tool. Despite the beautiful graphics and video capabilities, a serious author or publisher cannot stay in business selling only iBooks. The textbook should be able to contain text, images, audio and video. Easy sharing. The teacher must be able to easily share the textbook with students and push updates effortlessly. Ease of use for students. Therefore, all students will be required to purchase an iPad for use in class, for any alternatives simply become impossible. You will need to sign up but it is free. If you are a writer who wants to take try the self-publishing route, we’ve assembled a comprehensive chart of all the potential tools available to you, as well as their prices and anything else you may need to know. The glitzy elements of your creation are likely to come from the Widgets feature, which brings even greater interactivity and visual splash to the reading experience. Does anything come to mind? In iBooks Author, however, this last option is greyed out for no apparent reason, and the blue link symbol never appears. They are, however, contemplating on using iBooks Author to allow teachers to create content for students. For example, if your content requires an overview text box at the beginning of each chapter to familiarize the reader with the content they are about to read, you can create a template with that box.

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All those Mac users with Snow Leopard or an earlier version of the Mac operating system are out of luck unless they update to Lion. It’s a pretty exciting feature — but one that was quickly met with concern from longtime iBooks Author users about Apple’s silence on the prosumer book-editing app. One major downside to this software is that only Lion OS users can use the iBooks Author app. Books Author is designed to make quick use of materials you already have, including text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The setup reminded me a lot of navigating through Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft’s PowerPoint, but this is dedicated to books instead of presentations. Unlike regular books, you can embed media into your e-books, such as movies, 3D models, photo galleries, interactive images and Keynote presentations. Also unlike regular books, you are given the ability to preview what your book looks like on the iPad before you publish. You can plug your iPad into your Mac or connect via a Wi-Fi network and click the Preview button on the top bar. Books Author comes with a collection of high quality books templates that can be edited and personalized to match your own needs. When you open iBooks Author for the first time, you can choose from a template that helps you get going. Just a few quick notes on iBooks Author, as understandably we’re already receiving questions about the best way of going from Scrivener to Apple’s new e-book publishing tool. I am going to respectfully disagree with the comments made here on this thread.