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One of the most effective tools to help me test and improve UX is Hotjar. If you’re not familiar with Hotjar, it’s essentially an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool that provides a whole suite of tools to help you measure engagement and user experiences. Today, it’s essential to know whether your visitors are using computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Heatmapping is the essential feature of any user insight tool like Hotjar but how does it compare to rivals like Crazy Egg that offer the same thing? Tracks visitors. If you want to understand where your visitors are spending time on your site, it’s essential to know what they’re doing every second. If I want to analyze a certain heatmap or share it with my team, I simply click on the download button. Download and share heatmaps. Heatmaps aren’t confined to the world of online marketing and have actually been used by scientists and statisticians long before the days of the internet. We think it’s more impressive to look at how many customers you have changed their business life for, or how much customers you have generated value for. After a user submits an answer, you have the option to ask them to leave their email address should they want to be gotten in touch with for a reply/followup. Hotjar is a valuable asset for online brands that want to improve the site’s user experience and increase conversion rates. Analyzes sales funnels. When I work with businesses that want to grow, one of their biggest challenges is creating efficient sales funnels.

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Hotjar makes it easy to track every element in a sales funnel so users can make improvements and start getting better results quickly. Hotjar is a powerful way to analyse people’s behaviour on your website or app and understand how you can improve their experience. When I ask business owners if they perform analytics, they often tell me that they track clicks, visitors, and conversions for their ads, social media campaigns, and website. If you are setting up an online business then Hotjar is a no brainer and even if your site is established it is still extremely good value for money. However, if your website has high traffic, you should choose the size of the Pro or Business Snapshot. A heatmap can also provide valuable information about website visitors. This can be a powerful tool for engagement and collecting valuable information. In addition to heatmaps, Hotjar has quite a few features that help you collect valuable information about visitors. Rather than subscribing to separate services for surveys, heatmaps, click tracking, and other functions, I can get everything under a single subscription, and better yet, a single dashboard. Heatmaps, however, give you a more detailed qualitative and useful picture about what visitors are doing on your site. It’s the closest thing to looking over their shoulder while they’re on my site. Simple to use. Add a few lines of code to your website and it’s up and running. One of my top priorities as the CEO of a digital marketing agency is to help clients create an outstanding user experience (UX) for their customers and website visitors.

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Hotjar’s unique selling point is combining analytics with user feedback features. Now I’ll discuss some of the specific features I use it to identify and improve UX for my clients or on my own pages. Maximizing UX requires a great deal of testing and identifying the most (and least) effective elements on a specific page or throughout an entire website, including design, colors, images, headlines, and much more. Visitor behavior is going to differ a great deal based on device type. Scroll heatmaps. These type of maps tell me exactly how visitors are scrolling on a site. Hotjar heatmaps provide several key benefits. However, Hotjar integration with Hubspot is possible and is pretty easy too. Hotjar pricing is highly scalable and flexible where you can easily upgrade and downgrade any plan based on your needs. Hotjar provides a detailed analysis of visitor behavior so you can improve elements that aren’t engaging people. Select the pages for heatmaps based on pages identified from prior analysis or high-impact pages. Hotjar’s heatmaps show me exactly how visitors are navigating a page. There are three main types of heatmaps. It’s not easy finding an analytics tool which captures ‘who’ and ‘what’ your visitors are doing on your website, which is why I thought I’d put together a very thorough review of HotJar. “Whether it’s Hipchat, email, or Basecamp. They were one of the first in the market to provide full visitor recordings. But the first time I used HotJar’s interface to send a poll to my website visitors, it really blew me away.