GroveStreams Alternative

Components in turn contain one or more Datastreams, which contain the actual data sent to the GroveStreams site, for example by our sensor. The gateway forwards data sent to it by other nodes to the GroveStreams service via an Ethernet shield. The GroveStreams Feed PUT APIs provide many ways to automatically create and set component and stream attributes the first time data is uploaded. The most common technique is to model a Component Template and then include its ID with every Feed PUT API call. A component template’s ID can be included as part of a Feed PUT call and when it is, it tells GroveStreams to create a component based on the template if the component does not already exist. Check the box, “Feed Put API Key (with auto-registration and request stream rights)”, then click View Secret Key. Click Export to export the stream data as a delimited text file. 4. Drag and drop the temperature stream one time onto the table view widget. The HTML widget will allow dashboards to be “chained” together as links. Dashboards can display and aggregate data in many different ways, events can be defined to key off certain data values and cause various alerts to be sent, and derived streams can perform various calculations on data. Create a new dashboard: 1. Select the Dashboards navigation tab. You have created a new dashboard: 1. Click the Save button to save the changes that have been made. On the left, note there is a folder for Components, but if the little triangle is clicked, the folder doesn’t expand, since no components have been created yet.

1. Now we see the GroveStreams start page which lists our Organizations, of which there should be only one, namely the one we just created. 5. Now go to the GroveStreams web site and create an account. See the site for details. Once the account is verified, log in and you should see the following message that offers to create an Organization. Keep these concepts in mind for now and we’ll see how it all fits together shortly. So now you have that. The PAN ID can be any number you like; all XBees on the same network must have the same PAN ID. These can have the same sensor, or with additional programming, other sensors could be added. Viewers will have read-only rights. So what I will describe here takes you from never having heard of GroveStreams to sending information to your own stream. The GroveStreams platform has features and power far beyond other “IoT” data services that I have tried. 2. If you have not used FTDI on your computer before, install the FTDI drivers. Using the FTDI Friend, connect it to the computer with a USB A-to-Mini-B cable. I’ve been using GroveStreams for a couple years now and I am very impressed. GroveStreams is cloud-based Data Analytics Platform for the Internet of Things that provides real-time decision making capabilities to users and devices. Perhaps even more impressive is how eager the GroveStreams team is to work with their users. We can create Components from Observation Studio, but GroveStreams also has a handy feature to create Components automatically when data is first received.