Function Point Alternative

In fact, especially for convergent Telco, the portals must give a unified and congruent view of all fragmented services offered by the numerous heterogeneous applications. In fact, it is the best technique to use here. You can use it for any technology. Vivek Prakash: FPA is independent of technology. Vivek Prakash: You are right. If a PM is preparing the project plan he should be doing WBS right. Cost and performance metrics, across an enterprise, can be normalized and used to compare how well teams, lines of business and portfolios are doing from an economic and engineering viewpoint using FPA. This cloud-based platform combines core business functionalities into a unified solution. It also provides a platform to forecast your project metrics based on benchmark data. To reduce concerns, provided as many facts as possible to support your data assessment. Unseen processes, perception and expertise (if unknown) are normally challenged but customer (or any one) cannot challenge the facts. However if you keep your process transparent and can share the process of arriving on final productivity, customer may not challenge or it would be difficult. Identify all the ILFs and EIFs in an application, and follow the process steps in a transaction function and count each unique reference to the EIF or ILF. Count a DET for each attribute required by the user to establish a relationship with another ILF or EIF. All the down 3 components adds,modifies,deletes,retrieves or process information contained in ILF and EIF so are termed as Transaction Section.

Alternative to Function Point

Count one process step for any operation or group of computational operations processed outside the boundary of the application in a single external reference call to obtain the desired result. If you share only the final outcome of this process, there is a fair possibility that customer may challenge your assessment and process as he/she has no idea how you have arrived on the productivity. If you have more regress implementation of software engineering activities your productivity may be lower than benchmark (or higher as the case may be). Benchmark data on productivity published by various organizations normally include standard engineering processes. Count 1 FTR for each data base file referenced for reading or writing purpose by an EI/EO/EQ. Vivek Prakash: FTR stands for File Type Reference. Vivek Prakash: PERT is used to nullify the expert’s bias as there are considerable chances of this bias in WBS technique. Due to well defined rules in FPA, expert’s bias is already taken care of and therefore it is not required. Can FP address this? The perfect CRM Software is a service that can address your company’s unique needs. RESET is normally not counted but if it is a specific functionality that user has asked for, it can be counted. When you create estimates with Function Point, you can easily repeat the templates of your most successful and profitable projects to ensure repeat success. Normally Function Points take more time to estimate software than other techniques like WBS or UCP but it is more actuate.

At about 100 Function points per minute, the raw performance of ScopeMaster in sizing speed, outperforms manual counting by a factor of about 100. In practical terms, however a professional FP specialist would typically review automated counts for potential misinterpretations. Thank you for your kind words about the Function Pointers you’ve worked with so far. FPA has specific formulas for calculating enhancement function points based on size of the application. Q9: For every type of estimate, customer has few points not to accept. File Type Referenced are logical groups either local storage or remote identified in a Transaction function. File Types Referenced (FTRs) represents the total number of internal logical files (ILFs) maintained, read, or referenced, and the external interface files read or referenced by the EI/EO transaction. Wave-PM (W-PM) represents the standard Project Management System normally used by IT engineering departments to satisfy, for example, 70% to 80% of all requests. Quick-PM (Q-PM) has been introduced into the Project Management System to satisfy certain kinds of requests having very tight time-to-market. IBM advanced this methodology in 1984 to include the evaluation of application complexity and categorization of system characteristics. It’s up to the project manager and the phase in the system life cycle as to which function point analysis method is used. Value Adjustment Factors are used to derive the final adjusted function point count of an application. External Input (EI) is a transaction function in which Data goes “into” the application from outside the boundary to inside. Identify the functions performed inside the boundary of the application and count one-step for each delegated operation.