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We were excited about how technology advancements created opportunities to innovate back home on the farm. And, please. Keep coming back to learn how these stories offer insight in running a thriving small business. Each week, we’ll share stories of impressive success, overcoming the odds, and how people have taken their dream and transformed it into a thriving enterprise. “The problem we’re solving is that the world needs to feed nine billion people by 2050, and we’re not going to get any more farmland,” he said. Operating in more than 130 countries and markets with long-term growth potential, Naspers builds leading companies that empower people and enrich communities. Vollmar is in no rush to expand overseas or to exit the business, explaining that his investors are patient, particularly Naspers. We are completely changing the game for farmers by sending alerts anytime their fields are at risk of losing yield. “When we’re making recommendations to farmers, we’re not then selling them any inputs; our advice is completely impartial and that’s why farmers are signing up with us,” he says. The company invested in Tencent 16 years ago and has never sold a share, he says. This round gives us more capital than we even need, but it brings on an excellent new partner with expertise in operating businesses globally who can help us when the time is right,” he says. B: Yeah that’s part of using your resources more efficiently, right? Y: I assume they were already getting this data somehow, right?

It sounds like you’re just going to continue to start ingesting more data, the more farmers you get, right? 2. Talk to a representative from the company and explain what you’re interested in learning more about, and they’ll find other interested farmers to involve in testing. The company claims this is a first of its kind. It was kind of a flop and also difficult to maintain and debug. In the world we live in today, only growers that have a disciplined approach to grain marketing are going to survive, and that’s a challenge our team here at FarmLogs can help address. ANN ARBOR, Mich. – FarmLogs today announced the release of AutoHedge, a first-of-its-kind grain marketing app that offers corn and soybean growers a simple and effective way to sell their bushels. SF: How is the FarmLogs marketing tool different from other crop marketing tools? LOUIS – Today from InfoAg, FarmLogs announced the release of FarmLogs Flow, the first connected machine product to generate instant yield maps. “Now your seed dealers or agronomists can set you up on a system that is free or cheap when you buy product from them. 1. You must be involved in FarmLogs—either the free membership or the paid. We don’t use all of that, but there’s a lot of data that’s going on just out on their tractors. Mr. Vollmar, a fifth-generation soy and corn farmer near Saginaw, Mich., spent many summers hoeing fields and driving tractors. How are you collecting data from tractors?