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Was it a success for The Sun and News Group Digital? Below is a copy (from here) on what the Dream Team Professionals have to say about picking their Sun Dream Team. The weekly prize will go to the manager whose team moves the most number of places up the league (this may not be the highest scoring team in any particular seven-day period). 2004/05) are entered. One of the main features of the game is the performance-related (ratings) points given to players and in particular the Star Man award. It was the first time we properly web enabled the game which led to a big uplift in entries. Entry is by phone or internet and can also be delayed until the 4th week of the season although you do miss the points allocated over the first week(s) by entering late. They simply visit one of 20,000 newsagents nationwide (and selected Spar outlets) that are stocking our Dream Team Season Ticket – a pre-pay card costing a fiver. So if you enter five teams in one go, you only pay £20 rather than £25. If you’re entering just one team you now have three ways to pay for your team – by debit/credit card (as before), by pre-pay card OR by premium rate phone call. We’ve also made it easier for you to pay for your entry online. Registration of multiple teams has just got a whole load easier! The Dream Team website allows you to enter up to five teams in one go.

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So anyone worried about paying with a credit or debit card over the Internet needn’t be – now they don’t even need one to play Dream Team online! Billy Smedts has earned fame even when he was on the training track. We’ve added in a series of new weekly prizes which means you can still be in with a shout of bagging some serious cash even if you’re team is lurking well down the overall table. We’ve tracked down the armchair elite – the managers who win more often than anyone else. Tony Murnaghan is a financial services expert who takes just five minutes to put a fantasy team together . Our own Dream Team experts put together the questions most commonly asked by Sun Dream Team fans. 3. What enhancements do you have planned for the 2001/02 Dream Team competition? A difficult fantasy football competition to do well at as a fair amount of luck is involved but with enormous rewards if your luck holds out – so best of luck! For all the latest Fantasy Football news and views, check out FISO’s fantasy football discussion forum where there is a specialist The Sun DreamTeam Fantasy Football Forum. FANCY some Dream Team advice from the Fantastic Five of fantasy football? You can set your desired skill level and role, then find a team that needs a person with that role at that skill level. You input your desired rank and role, then find players who would be a perfect fit for your team.