DocSend Alternative

DocSend is the only sales content management and tracking solution that helps teams find, share, track, and present the documents that close deals. Track, optimize, and control the sales and marketing collateral you present and send. Shorten your sales cycle by knowing when and who is engaging with your sales and marketing collateral. From knowing when the person opened it, how many times, whether it was downloaded or not and whether it was forwarded to someone; you can keep a track of everything using DocSend. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website. So, if you know how your clients are behaving with your sales documents, you can keep the exchange going. Sponsored: vendors bid for position here and products are sorted based on the amount of that bid. We’re building products for dealmakers, who are necessarily relationship-minded folks. We use ChartMogul for all visualization of our data and how much money we’re making. Heroku does our hosting and has a data clip plug-in. The DocSend team built their web app using Rails running on top of Heroku Postgres and connected to Sales Cloud. So much of our success with our customers is a result of our Customer Success team developing a really close relationship with our Product team. With comprehensive reports of the document, you can see the status of your document in the hands of your team members.

Alternative to DocSend

The recipient will see this link in the received email, instead of the document itself. The funding will be used for product development. Our system is based on complex analysis of product mentions on other websites, social media and blogs, so you will receive a comprehensive and credible picture of what other people think about each software. They have to sign in for the software as a legal business set up. Principally, we build great software that’s simple and intuitive. You can also update your PDF from here, essentially changing its content after it’s been mailed out, which is great if you need to tweak your pricing or slip in a new FAQ that’s been coming up lately. Essentially, it’s a PDF document repository and management system with three main features: know who views your documents, see how much of it they viewed (and for how long), and maintain control over your document even after sending it out. Docsend allows the creator of the content to update or edit content at any time, even after it has been delivered to the recipient’s inbox. PieSync integrates DocSend with Mixmax for an automatic 2-way contacts sync. Optimize your sales and marketing collateral by understanding which pages engage your leads and contacts most. We use Google Analytics a lot for our marketing and attributions. We use A TON of data clips. That means that you’ll be able to pull content engagement data for every single member of your next Yesware Campaign, both at the recipient and account level.