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98. I had time to use it for long enough to get annoyed with the worn out old mouse and have to connect a new one to it before it froze on me again. I also used an older program Land Mark 2.0 because its weird and uses an outdated “AT rating” but it was interesting and later it may help in comparisons to really old 286 and 8088 machines. Uses a MySQL database-backend and has flexible implementation. PDF here for the 386N shows my machine in the picture. Here you can download drivers for Compaq Deskpro EX P800 for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and others. Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. This device is disabled. This device cannot start. Try upgrading the device drivers for this device. Unfortunately i have no other AGP card to try in it but i doubt it is the gfx card as Compaq have a beep code for faulty AGP. I pull the agp card and connect to onboard graphics, same thing happens. Before connecting to onboard i changed agp card with 4 others of same model(ATI Rage 128 Ultra), same thing. I replaced processor, same thing. The strange thing is that over the last 2 days ive been messing with it it has booted a few times with varying success. It is important to run a few cycles with this machine before you start using it though. So if you wanted to run Windows, it was a good idea to buy a Compaq.

We buy all Compaq Deskpro desktops, computers. Integrated directly into DeskPRO your agents can manage multiple chats and tickets at once from the same interface. Self service helps your users and agents save time. DeskPRO’s tools make it easy for agents to quickly generate content; letting them focus their time on tricky support issues. Provide sales or support help in real time. An integrated script to manage customer sales and support. These systems support and come configured with PC133 SDRAM and provide three DIMM sockets with at least one socket populated with a single- or double-sided memory module. Up to 512 megabytes of memory may be installed using one, two, or three DIMMs. The Compaq Deskpro 386 had a 32-bit expansion slot for RAM (it could use up to 14 megabytes), four 16-bit slots and three 8-bit slots. Use filters, custom fields, macros, quick replies, labels, triggers and notes to provide quick and excellent customer service. Kayako is effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty. Specific organizations want different types of Help Desk Software. Data Memory Systems’ Memory Finder will help you make the correct choice. Contact A-Z Compaq Deskpro Computer liquidators today to find out how we can help you maximize the value of your surplus Compaq Deskpro computer inventory by offering you cash for your liquidations. A-Z Computer Liquidators purchase bulk lots of Compaq Deskpro business desktop computers either coming off lease or surplus due to an upgrade or refresh at an organization.

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