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If you like watching videos then coursera/udacity might be better. Unfortunately, there are no videos on this course. Question (on Quora) Is the R data science course from datacamp worth the money? Just started learning python with Datacamp and I ran into a question on Numpy. DataCamp has partnerships with both companies (Microsoft, IBM, Kaggle, Pluralsight, and RStudio) and professors from best-in-class academic institutions (Princeton, Duke, and University of Washington). This lets companies access LMS integrations as well as a reporting API. Also, Data Camp has a free course on R too so you could try that as well. I think they have monthly plans so it’s much cheaper to try them out. Try this: swirl: Learn R, in R. — it’s free! It is the first in their series of spreadsheet courses which uses Google Sheets, a free online spreadsheet platform, to experiment on. It provides online data science and analytics courses. The company intends to use the funds to expand its data science and analytics curriculum to reach advanced users and invest in product innovation to personalize the learning experience and expand DataCamp for Business. The Belgian startup DataCamp announced that it would use the investment from Spectrum Equity for curriculum expansion and product innovation. 25 million (approximately €22 million) in a Series B round led by Spectrum Equity. Spectrum Equity has invested in DataCamp. DataCamp, a NYC-based data science and analytics learning platform, received a growth investment led by Spectrum Equity. Led by CEO Jonathan Cornelissen, DataCamp provides a data science and analytics learning platform which allows users to learn continuously from top data science instructors.

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If you’re going to read this post, I should say that you’re more interested in data science. I’ve always just dipped my toe in with data science and machine learning projects and then I found DataCamp! And, our experience tells us one simple truth: the best companies are those that are most adept at interpreting this endless stream of data to extract the most insightful signals. The introducing chapter starts with an example of a simple spreadsheet which contains information about some baking products. The second chapter focusses on references. DataCamp is the first online learning platform that focuses on building the best learning experience specifically for Data Science. Also, if you want to see if “hands-on” is how you learn best. DataCamp wants to teach data science skills to a generation of people, and it got a million in seed money to continue developing its online data-science learning platform. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for engineers, researchers and data scientists. Is it because there are only two Numpy arrays and it just so happened that they have the same number of elements, Python decides to pair them up automatically? At first I thought I had to concatenate the two vertically but it turns out it’s not necessary. I wish I had started with them sooner, I would have solved myself some serious headaches around basic stuff that I just couldn’t puzzle out on my own. After you have selected your path, you can further refine your learning path by selecting a goal.