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comScore is an advertising software that gives comprehensive help with marketing and media. The software collects, analyzes, and interprets marketing data to help advertisers decide on their best marketing strategies.


“The types of managers who play these accounting games are also the ones who play a lot of other games, too,” deHaan said. “They gave up a lot of the store,” according to a source familiar with comScore’s internal operations who was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. “This company could be a Cisco if they got back on track and got things done,” the source said, referring to the Silicon Valley conglomerate that has invested in many facets of the technology industry. Instead of a laser-like approach to fixing the accounting problems, the insider said, comScore has been plagued by board and management fights between legacy comScore managers and others newly arrived from its ill-timed merger with Portland-based media measurement company Rentrak. Behind the Scenes: The company’s valuable collection of assets includes its legacy comScore data and new data acquired in its 2016 merger with Rentrak. The Reston audience measurement company was for years perhaps best known for its online traffic data and comparison tools. But even then, the company had hinted that there could be more to come. 2.5 billion company, its future remains even more uncertain. But as more people cut the cord, Nielsen sees its panel as playing “a critical role” in being able to estimate the entire viewing population, she said. And with the large roles that Facebook and Google are playing in measuring online audiences, it’s only a matter of time before comScore loses market share, according to Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, which specializes in mobile audience measurement.

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In this system, employers are provided with tax deductions for their contributions and workers are provided with the plans tax-free. This is obvious if you know how unique browsers are counted, with a cookie-based methodology. The short answer: Probably a lot worse than we know or the company has let on so far, according to experts we asked to review the situation. Experts said one reason the process could be taking so long: The company is under an SEC investigation. Wi-Fi connected homes — accessed at least one OTT service. It’s obvious that OTT streaming services are on the rise. “Where we are with cross-platform measurement is Comscore and Nielsen are sort of the only games in town from the traditional measurement side. Also, CNN will offer Comscore’s Campaign Ratings to clients, becoming the first sell-side company to bring the cross-platform solution to market. Score’s new product will provide “person-level reporting” across screens to provide more exact data than the industry has seen traditionally, according to an article from AdvertisingAge earlier this year. “As the investigation concludes, the Company also will be undertaking a significant effort to help ensure that the errors in judgment and internal control deficiencies did not impact other transactions that were not part of the investigation. At Investor Day, we mentioned that NBC announced they were using Comscore as their first buying currency in OpenAP, which is a network-like consortium designed to lead buyers to more precise audience-based transactions. “I think it’s a strong indication that there is more than just the barter revenue or the barter revenue was more of the revenue than previously thought,” Burks said.

Hi, there. Maybe a couple of things. It is kind of surprising we haven’t gotten there yet. Advertising products generate around 10% of total revenue and helps customer plan, optimize, and evaluate advertising campaigns. Though Apple’s share continues to grow, it still lags behind Android’s total share of 51.5 percent, down 0.3 percent since September. 102 million a year in revenue it’s clear they are still second to Nielsen. “There are several areas that have required significantly more work than originally expected, including determining the adjustments for monetary transactions,” comScore said. Nielsen offers more detailed TV measurement that includes the more details about individuals, but for a smaller sample of people. One top candidate is Nielsen itself, which could, in one swoop, consolidate most of the online and TV market under one brand, though it could run afoul of antitrust laws. 1. ComScore and Adobe Get Cozy, But Where Does That Leave Nielsen? ComScore has a problem: It just can’t stop having problems. Its problems stem from its inability to file required financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Relist. Get back on the Nasdaq or another major exchange and work to rebuild its reputation and access to capital markets. Merge. It could find another company willing to take a chance on comScore in exchange for a solid market position domestically and the chance to build upon its technology and customer base. Starboard promptly sued comScore to force to the company to hold its first shareholder meeting in two years.

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