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Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a platform that churches are able to use to connect their members through the access of the tools provided through a subscription. The site itself is cutting edge and very mainstreamed, putting the content in front of you in an easy to understand format that easily promotes itself.


Need directions to where your small group is meeting? A: The LEAD app’s predecessor, Small Group Leader, was completely native and developed by external contractors. Q: Did you bump into any obstacles while building the LEAD app? We got to chat with the Church Community Builder (CCB) team about their work and, specifically, about their Lead app for connecting church communities more closely. This can be found on the summary screen of the API section in CCB. The team was spending a full day preparing cumbersome monthly reports in Excel and found it challenging to produce accurate SaaS metrics on an ad hoc basis. Our team of experts have evaluated Church Community Builder with a total rating of 8.2/10 after a series of scrutinizing tests. Never miss an episode of the ChurchMag Podcast by subscribing via iTunes — and while you’re at, can you give us a rating? When presented with thousands of choices, choice overload can set in, making you want to just give up and take a long stroll. Please keep in mind that while both ACS Church Software and Church Community Builder may offer a reliable set of features each service could be created for a different business size. Check out the instructions below to learn how to set up your CCB integration! Create a new API user in CCB. In order to use Brushfire’s CCB syncing features, you must first create an API user in CCB. 2. On the page that loads, click the “Add a new API User” button.

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Intuitive – Every page in the portal contains explanations and details of the page functions. Your leaders will be equipped with the tools they need to take attendance and keep their group members’ info up-to-date. This integration allows users to maximize efficiency by avoiding the need to complete double entry within their church management system and their Aplos accounting. One thing we’re really proud of is that we used a Design Sprint to kick off this project and had a prototype that was tested by users after only five days. Because KidCheck users actively manage their own information we do not want changes in CCB data to overwrite their information. Now that you have saved your integration settings, you will want to go to the event you wish to sync with CCB and configure its sync settings. 3. You will now need be asked to fill out a form to save your settings. 4. Once you’re finished, click or tap “Save”, and you’re done! After you’ve filled in the appropriate information, click save and voila, you’re done. For instance, out-of-the-box performance with react-navigation was rendering far more than was needed when you’re deep in a stack. I investigated each as far as I could, but at the time, my ministry was unable to implement any kind of system due to financial constraints. Our software is a powerful tool, but the real magic happens when our software is used to multiply your ministry efforts by combining it with effective process. “Our new partnership and integration with Aplos Software is not only groundbreaking but will also greatly decrease the amount of administrative time that administrators currently have with double-entry processes,” said Brian Ferris, Ecosystem Product Manager, Church Community Builder.

Q: What does Church Community Builder do / make? Coaching – CCB wants to make sure you understand how to use their software to the best of its capabilities. Due to the different ways, the KidCheck and CCB model their family structures there is not always a clear role for authorized guardians to migrate to when creating new records in the CCB system. Because KidCheck and CCB are different systems with different assumptions and ways of modeling data we are not able to handle every conceivable way that data may be modeled with your CCB system. Automatically push new KidCheck people to CCB: When a person checks in to KidCheck, but they are not in CCB then KidCheck can create the person in CCB if desired. Brushfire offers features that connect your Brushfire attendees with your Church Community Builder (CCB) Church Management System. Looking forward to having integration between Constant Contact and Community Church Builder – Thank you! For our users, having the ability to know their people beyond a surface level is a powerful tool to helping people grow deeper with the church. We often considered the scenario: If you were about to meet a person for coffee, and you had 30 seconds to know as much about this person as possible, what would you want to know? Create and view notes, about what you discussed over a coffee meeting or perhaps someone’s major life event that would be useful for other key leaders to know about. View and edit schedules to see who’s signed up to volunteer, fill in gaps in your schedules, and communicate with the volunteers to keep them connected.

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