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Candy was established as a a better way to organize and navigate the web content that matters to you. Its smart note taking method is a clever alternative to traditional bookmarks.


American sweets are delicious and come in lots of flavours from syrups, marshmallows or cookies in brands you can remember fondly. Most of the candies lovers walk a long way & come here to have a bite of the delicious fudge cake that can be complemented by scoops of hazelnut or vanilla ice cream. You might need scoops that are decorative or even gift bags that are colorful. These candy dispensers make for the perfect gift or self reward and are ideal for any location as they almost naturally find a right spot wherever we encounter them in our lives. Do what you can to make sure that someone is going to be home to accept the package and get it put in the refrigerator. These sugar free treats are big on flavor and low on calories, so you can munch to your heart’s content, guilt free. For example, if you are going to have a luau party for your daughter, you can have a tropical candy bar theme. For those who enjoy American candies you can get Babyruth candy bars, milk duds and Nerds that will satisfy the sweetest tooth. Homesick America is a website based in the UK that provides homesick American ex pats who are missing the home comforts of candy and sweets imported from America. Americans are well known for having a sweet tooth and over in the malls and supermarkets of America the aisles are filled with lots of American candy and American groceries that are not available in the UK.

Our wide variety of over 68 flavours must leave you wondering how we have managed to make all these individual tastes. Most of the online candy stores are offering extensive selection of exciting licorice varieties to make it to the interest of any palate. There is also the selection of over 40 types of bulk gumballs to get from our candy dispensers. With these treats being so hard to get hold of in the UK, Homesick American has everything you could possibly want without actually going over to America yourself. The big round gumball machine globe, die cast metal bases and the fiery red paint, are images that are etched in peoples’ minds the world over. Our candy dispensers are amongst the most recognised dispensers in the world with their beautifully crafted designs. You can browse through lots of American snacks and American food from Nabiscos Graham crackers, Combos pretzels and chips, and even world famous Twinkies! It is not just Americans who enjoy shopping from Homesick American, many Brits also get addicted to American treats whilst visiting the United States and come back to the UK craving American snacks. On the traditional side, folks who grew up enjoying Swedish Fish will love sharing the Sea Life Mix with their own kids. It is hard to leave the place you grew up, your friends and family and all of the home comforts you are used to. You can share with your friends and introduce them to your old favourite sweets and candies.

Do not fall prey to all of the ads that promise you that you can make millions from doing a business within a few weeks. Based on the old story of the three musketeers, their emblem reflects the history and culture of the story along with bright colors that make this monogram attractive at sight. Use candy jars that are transparent so that the bright and vibrant colors of the candies will show through. Customers will buy more if they do not have to spend a large amount of money for every item. A business of candy vending machines can give you huge profit as most of the customers will be kids and they love to eat candies. Once you have several candidates, you can compare them until you find just the right one. You also have a selection of gumballs to get from our gumball machine globes that mimic real life objects such as baseball gumballs, apple cherry gumballs, beach ball gumballs, watermelon gumballs or green apple gumballs. Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure and can offer lot’s if new opportunities but many people still get that pang of homesickness. You can rest assured that you will not find any foul flavour like in the Harry Porter movies, but the sweetest and tastiest flavours are only what you will find in our candy dispensers. Be it size, flavour or colour that moves you, we can guarantee that we have what it takes for you to keep the fun and flavour flowing from our candy dispensers.

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