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BuzzSumo is built around the notion of consumer insights. They scour results from the top search engines to find out what users are searching for. Understanding this can help you load your website with the kind of content that will draw eyes to your site and help you make a successful pitch for your products or services.




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I like to use custom filters in Gmail (because i’m old school like that). To get started, head over to the Monitoring tab in Buzzsumo and fill out as much information as you’d like. BuzzSumo may not be as sexy as the other “Buzz” resources out there, but still an important content marketing and influencer outreach tool nonetheless! They scour results from the top search engines to find out what users are searching for. BuzzSumo’s results are logged for 12 months, so you can even trace the trends in the market and get a better understanding of how user needs have shifted so you can better predict what they’ll want in the future. It’s a great way to tailor the kind of content people crave, and it also allows you to better understand who’s driving market trends and dig deep into the sorts of keywords and metrics that makes them successful. I think it’s also valuable because we all want to know what the trends are. Mark: Well, I think one of the most interesting is the content analyzer. The specific Facebook analyzer and question analyzer allows you to pinpoint results according to social media or search engine demands. Filtering options allow you to narrow down your results to match the specific components of your business model. BuzzSumo is further supported with a number of alert and notification options. Descripton: BuzzSumo is a great marketing tool that helps users research and target outreach to their prospective customers. The following sections provides an overview of the benefits and features of BuzzSumo and how you can use it in your content marketing and influencer outreach efforts.

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Free Alternative to Buzzsumo? Watch Here. While they basically call themselves a blogger outreach tool, they are more than what they say. Buzzsumo has been around for a while and offers an excellent tool to do the work for you. It offers a content analysis and discovery feature that will show you what has already gone viral and what topics people are talking about and sharing. One is my colleague and one of the founders of our company, Steve Rayson, wrote an amazing piece of analysis of 1 million posts. Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You have the ability to filter by content types: article, infographics, guest posts (even though guest blogging is dead), giveaways, interviews, and videos. Content type, language, and region allow you to focus in on the demographics you’re most interested in, and you can even include or exclude specific domains for an added layer of control. Writing valuable content every day is not an easy task, even if you are a leader in your field. You need this information right now because you create content and want to be one of the first people to have this valuable information directly in front of you. This is something I kept reading on and off ever since I tried BuzzSumo for the first time and it’s a great resource to learn about content marketing. Writer’s block is a bane that every writer has experienced from time to time. This information isn’t constantly being crawled and updated in real time on BuzzSumo, so the numbers that are represented may be lower than what they actually are.

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