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Axosoft is proprietary software for project management. It is also useful in bug tracking. Axosoft was developed for Scrum software development. The tools included in the software are designed to help developers complete projects on time and deliver applications that function as intended.


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They recommend the software based on 3 sentiments: process flexibility, integration capabilities, and powerful reporting. This plan works well for teams with 5-200 users, in need of robust work management with customization and exec reporting. As a company, it is committed to help software developers and teams be more productive. Donna Alexander stated that their company’s Scrum Masters and Product Owners rely on this simple-to-use agile project management software for its backlog management features. Tony Doran described Axosoft as a great core product. An Axosoft Hosted account is required to manage & obtain Public API Keys. Axosoft is available as a hosted or on-premise software. Axosoft also have velocity charts and capacity indicators to ensure that estimates are viable and teams are capable of handling their workload and accomplish them in time. Include column or bar charts in reports. Edit or build reports from scratch using additional filters and groupings. The Estimating tool enables them to estimate accurately using minutes, hours, days, weeks, and story points. Release Confidently – Axosoft enables users to monitor progress and release on time with the right metrics. Companies practicing Scrum and other agile methodologies need the right tools to make sure they deliver working software to their users on time. Open Manage Account from the Tools menu. It includes tools such as item chart, burndown, speedometer, cycle time, work remaining, projected ship date, flow chart, and estimated vs actual, among others. Custom dashboards provide a concise overview of the velocity, projected ship date, and more.

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After signing up, you’ll receive a custom URL for managing your projects directly in your browser. Start tracking time for your projects now! It is a highly popular Scrum tool for managing software development projects. A good way to choose the right Project Management Software product for your organization is to compare the solutions against each other. With the right Scrum software, they are able to plan accurately, track visually, and release confidently. It helps them plan accurately right from the start. This way, you can start to truly see how the software will improve your workflow and processes. Track Visually – The Scrum software lets users visualize and communicate progress through different views. Keeping track of attendance using the manual ways has the possibility of mistakes. These are just some benefits of integrating Axosoft and TimeCamp Attendance Tracker in your organization. There are applications which improve the productivity of your organization by making a large number of tasks automated. Pricing depends on the number of users. You can request a pricing quote from Wrike here. Click the “Request New API Key” button. When you’re ready to submit your app for review, you would just need to go back to the public API key page and click ‘Submit App’ and include your instructions to review. Read our step-by-step Public API Key Guide for more details. Public client applications can be shared with other Axosoft customers, and are best suited for general-purpose Axosoft addons. Before you begin, make sure you have taken the following steps with your Axosoft account.

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And it supports collaboration, visibility, and automated notification, among others, to make sure every one is on the same page to be able to deliver a great product on time. 1. Make sure you have an Axosoft (Hosted or Installed) account. Try TimeCamp and Axosoft integration by Zapier! 4. Create any custom fields that you would like to be available in Axosoft from your Jira account. It is flexible enough to use for other methods such as Kanban, or other custom methods. Built-in or custom workflows allow them to enforce various processes per project. Wrike is a winner of the 2018 Best Project Management Software Award. Most software development teams are pursuing an agile approach. Axosoft is a leading Scrum software especially built for agile teams. That way you can be certain of a smooth transfer of data between your teams and services, which can considerably reduce time wasted on migrating between one solution and the other. Check their differences and similarities and discover which one outperforms the other. Here you can compare Jira and Axosoft and see their features compared in detail to help you decide on which one is the more effective product. Then, they can drag and drop cards from one workflow step to the next. With Scrum-style planning and workflow automation, maximizing efficiency is straightforward with this simple, yet powerful platform that helps maximize productivity. Plan Accurately – Axosoft agile project management software helps users plan sprints and releases accurately. Axosoft agile project management software is ideal for software development companies using Scrum.

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