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Bibliotech is a modern e-textbooks platform for both students and library institutions. They have partnered with select universities and libraries to provide their service. The platform was founded by students who were unsatisfied with the lack of e-textbook options. Their goal was also to provide a more affordable option for students who frequently struggle to come up with the rather large expense required for textbooks.


BiblioTech also operates kiosks at the county’s Central Jury Room and at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, and has partnered with VIA to provide e-book access to bus riders. One of Bibliotech’s unique features is personalized access for each class offered by their partnered universities. This means you can be sure you will be getting the exact books you need for each class. Palfrey suggests observing the way universities are opening themselves up to the world by offering online courses that people from any location with internet access can take for free. By broadening out into digital platforms, we break down walls and open up archives so that the information is easy to access and available to any scholar anywhere in the world. Patrons also can scan an image of the library’s book of the month, which is highlighted on a large screen in the facility’s main room, to access audio and text information about the selection. I was looking for the very thing Palfrey says his book is not: a paean to the libraries of the past offering a nostalgic, wistful, sepia-toned wish for a time now long gone. In the book, he claims that libraries today are more than just book repositories, and that they can become bulwarks against some of the most crucial challenges of our age: unequal access to education, jobs, and information. The irony, as the author makes quite clear, is that it is proving more expensive to preserve the current digital output of information for future researches than it ever was to preserve the paper records of the past.

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This would have the added benefit that digital access would preserve the physical copies of art, maps, books, and other materials. This would solve space and budget issues because no single library can house, or even afford to purchase, all the materials published each year. Anyone interested in the course can email [email protected] “We want to meet the library patron in their everyday activities – because we can. You can read both online and offline. Search all of our collections here, but remember you need the individual apps to read or listen. Click Sign In and then select Library & Group; search for BiblioTech and then enter your card number and password. BiblioTech will also offer free proctoring services for Bexar County residents taking Direct Credit Final Exams. Our Direct Credit program is open to Bexar County residents and their families. The County reported in September 2017 of having roughly 87,000 accessible e-books. He proposes that libraries develop platforms that would allow a patron to utilize materials from several institutions without having to actually go to the bricks-and-mortar edifice. This is his argument for the importance of armies of archivists with expertise in preserving these materials before they are lost forever. Examples include, but are not limited to: – Students working on Stanford websites use Drupal. I have noticed that when working with college level students, they tend to access material digitally through library platforms and databases. It has been called “Spotify for textbooks” and allows students to access their university’s library of e-textbooks for a small monthly fee.

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