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Amazon API Gateway

API Gateway helps you manage traffic to your backend systems by allowing you to set throttling rules based on the number of requests per second for each HTTP method in your APIs. You can set up a cache with customizable keys and time-to-live in seconds for your API data to avoid hitting your backend services for each request.


API Gateway helps you manage traffic to your backend systems by allowing you to set throttling rules based on the number of requests per second for each HTTP method in your APIs. You can set up a cache with customizable keys and time-to-live in seconds for your API data to avoid hitting your backend services for each request. Teams can filter API stage allocation tags through AWS Budgets to potentially reduce costs. Amazon CodePipeline added integration with container-based deployments to Amazon Elastic Container Service and AWS Fargate. The Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) scheduler lets a developer program logic to control retry attempts for failing tasks. Amazon API Gateway now offers content encoding support, which lets a client compress content before a response to an API request. The service also lets developers use application logic in custom Lambda authorizer functions to support API keys. Developers can mix and match custom API backends hosted in EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, and EC2 Container Service along with third-party APIs such as Salesforce, Twilio, and Twitter. Additionally, Amazon API Gateway lets teams tag API stages for better organization of resources. Deploying Amazon API Gateway is done via GUI or AWS’ CLI. This makes it simpler to control usage assigned to API requests, and the feature also allows teams to track request properties to API keys, such as HTTP request headers. For the Lambda proxy integration, API Gateway sends the entire request as an input to a backend Lambda function. Who Uses API Gateway? API Gateway has no minimum fees or startup costs.

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AWS also kept up a steady pace of basic service updates to round out 2017, which included some API management capabilities. For example, you could build a serverless application using an API Gateway WebSocket API and AWS Lambda to send and receive messages to and from individual users or groups of users in a chat room. API Gateway can also be configured to handle bursts of API calls for specific scenarios. In a WebSocket API, the client and the server can both send messages to each other at any time. The schedule can increase time between restart attempts, stop the deployment and add a message to notify developers. Architects and developers are spending significant time in designing the API tier. The API Gateway feature also helps categorize APIs. Amazon API Gateway may not be comparable to established enterprise offerings such as 3Scale, Apigee, CA, Intel, MuleSoft and Akana. In addition, you can enable API creation with AWS CloudFormation templates or (in the case of REST APIs) API Gateway Extensions to OpenAPI. AWS enables this feature by default. This cross-account S3 access enables more seamless data analysis for large businesses with multiple departments. Catch up on what you missed with oodles of re:Invent news and analysis from our team of writers. At AWS re:Invent 2014, Amazon rolled out a litany of DevOps tools, namely CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline to onboard developers directly to the AWS, where many of their operations folks already are for virtualization and mass storage. AWS released several products and features at its AWS annual re:Invent conference that were not called out in this blog.

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Memcached is an open source, in-memory, object caching engine on which certain AWS products rely. AWS customers were enticed by products and services introduced at the cloud provider’s annual customer and partner confab, re:Invent, held recently. AWS customers only pay for the underlying compute resources. “Building and running rock-solid APIs at massive scale is a significant challenge for customers. AWS Lambda automatically spins up the compute, makes sure it’s run in a fault-tolerant fashion, spins down the compute when it’s no longer needed, and only charges customers for the compute consumed (in increments of 100 milliseconds). Data analysts can now use a QuickSight account tied to a specific AWS account to access data stored in Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets that belong to another AWS account. With the right configuration of cache and throttling, developers can increase the performance while securing the backend API. In 2013, Microsoft acquired a Washington DC-based startup called Apiphany which eventually became Azure API Management. Although the Amazon API Gateway tool is new, developers have had options from Microsoft Azure and third parties, such as Apigee, CA API Management and Mashery. Administrators can find these visualization options in the CloudWatch Metrics console and dashboards. This feature can be helpful for financial or personally identifiable information, ensuring that only specific components or services in a stack can decrypt and view that data. That’s why it makes use of dynamic data transformation capabilities. Use containers in CD pipelines. Developers push code changes through a continuous delivery pipeline, which calls the desired service to create a container image, test and then update containers in production.

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