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Amazon Polly

Named for a parrot, Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech (TTS) software that makes your text come to life in a natural, authentic way. The software has many lifelike voices, both male and female, and in a variety of languages.


2017, and they now listen to an average of seven podcasts each week ” up from five last year. Last week, we announced WP Engine’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch Amazon Polly, a plugin that enables open source integration for AWS’s text-to-speech functionality with WordPress. While Mozilla has supported Pocket natively within Firefox for a while, last February the internet giant went all-in and bought Pocket outright. Polly Pocket World makes Tiny Mighty take on whole new meaning! In its current state, it’s not replacing a screen reader but that’s a step we’d like to take soon. But instead of locally processing the text, it’s better to leverage the cloud so that the system can continuously learn and improve its speech rendering capabilities. However, you can voice any content. Now the funny thing here is that it is going to sound like a robotic voice. That is certainly one thing that was missing from the Apple text-to-speech engine from so long ago. Once setup, the plugin will make calls to Amazon Polly each time one of your posts is saved or updated. Want to learn more about Amazon Polly and how it will help enhance digital experiences on your WordPress site? To help familiarize you with the plugin and the opportunities it brings WordPress site owners and users, I sat down with Steven Word, a WP Engine WordPress Core Engineer who helped integrate Polly with WordPress. Also, we’ll be adding support for changing the speech rate-allowing users to speed up or slow down the voice.

Amazon Polly can generate speech in 24 languages, making it easy to add voice to applications with a global audience. Currently, a lot of screen readers can tend to sound robotic so we’d like to incorporate natural voice into that functionality. Pocket, the popular smartphone app that allows users to save articles for later, has a text-to-speech feature called Listen that employs devices’ built-in text-to-speech functionality. This plugin is huge for WordPress users who want to add extra functionality and accessibility to their WordPress site. Bridging the gap between podcasts and readable content is going to provide a solution for people who want to consume content but can’t necessarily read it from a screen. Check out our Amazon Polly feature in the WP Engine Solution Center. Myself and other WP Engine developers got involved to help make the process of development smoother and speedier. You can Create Audio Version of your Post in Amazon Polly, You can Translate your Post into Many Language by the Help of Amazon Polly. If you are a site that provides recipes, with the help of Polly, the recipe could be read to your users. For the next month, the newspaper will let its mobile users listen to four audio versions of business, lifestyle, technology and entertainment stories daily using Polly, a web service from Amazon. Speaking at the 2017 GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit, Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of artificial intelligence for Amazon Web Services, laid out several other uses for the service, including nonprofits that use Polly to make audiobooks and educators developing language courses.

It uses Google power to provide you the best quality of automatic text to speech service. First time ever includes Hindi text to speech software Indian voice. If the characters of the text sending at any given time in a single call are greater than 1500 characters, the following exception will be thrown. This will be Amazon’s first plugin for WordPress. I’m not going to get into the details of connecting it with your site, but you can read more about that on the plugin page. In today’s article we will see how we can integrate Amazon Polly service to get the required information from SharePoint online site and convert the information into an mp3 file (basically audio information). How did you get involved in this project? What’s most exciting about this project for you? I think this is for audiobooks rather than podcasts. The Alexa services maps the utterance to the Translate-intent and passes in a language-slot with value Polish and a term-slot having the value Good Morning. Bulmash showed how to build a cross-platform Cordova based application consuming Alexa services from Amazon, that works on both mobile and desktop clients to perform different tasks like ordering flowers. We learned about how Amazon Polly works with WordPress sites, who will benefit most from the plugin and more. Add post excerpt to audio: If enabled, each audio file will have an excerpt from the post at the beginning of the audio. Content creators will be able to provide multiple avenues for users to consume their content.

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