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Act-On is a marketing automation software that has been designed to provide marketing automation solutions such as lead management, analytics, social media management, website visitor tracking, event planning, webinar and email marketing.


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The user interface is showing some age, but it’s very straightforward and there’s not a lot of guessing about how to use it. 3,000 per month for custom user roles, custom object integration, a dedicated IP address, and phone support. 2,000 per month, includes email analytics, spam analysis, landing page A/B testing, Google AdWords integration, API access, an integrated marketing calendar, chat support, among other features. If you haven’t checked out his email deliverability webinar series yet, you won’t want to miss them! You’ll get out of Act-On what you put into it. At the Enterprise level, you’ll also get access to data visualization tools, and integration with your CRM tool. That’s how it is with any platform that doesn’t offer in-house services, but with a marketing automation suite, you will really get more out of it if you have knowledgeable staff that have experience implementing and using these platforms. 900 per month for the Professional plan) stands out for offering a strong tool that contains a variety of features. 900 per month for access to 2,500 contacts, three marketing users, 50 sales users, and up to 30,000 application programming interface (API) calls per day. 2,000 and gives you access to 2,500 active contacts, six marketing users, 100 sales users, and 30,000 API calls per day. 379 per month for the Complete package and gives you access to up to five users, 10,000 contacts, and 50,000 emails per month. They only charge you for “active” contacts, which are contacts you are actually reaching out to.

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It empowers companies in this industry to distinguish themselves from those competitors still figuring out how to adapt to their customers, who increasingly are conducting research online before ever speaking with a representative. We’ve been able to bring our marketing data into one place and create a more unified platform from which to send out our marketing campaigns. You can also run SEO audits for your website, landing pages, and forms, and tie the software to Google AdWords for even more in-depth reporting. Act-On has an open API, so as long as you’ve got some IT or developer talent available, you can tie it to any CRM tool on the market. Act-On offers one of the most comprehensive social media and search engine optimization (SEO)-based automation tools available, save for HubSpot, which actually lets you publish to and monitor social networks at its entry-level plan. You can then save the segment for future campaigns based on future site visits. You can import other contacts for reporting, data synchronization, or potential marketing purposes down the line if you wish, and you won’t be charged for them. All plans give you capacity for 10,000 contacts. You can set any number range for ranking contacts. You can set up any criteria to be ranked. You can run separate, multiple automated programs that run the same steps but ultimately branch off from different triggers. Your automated programs sync back to your CRM tool via every element of the marketing campaign. Act On was founded in 2008. Act-On’s suite of marketing automation tools provide users with one platform from which to measure, refine and automate all marketing campaign activities.

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